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Last year, most of us became more mindful and careful with our bodies. Some started working out, trying a new diet and so much more. All of these have become part of our lives in pursuit of staying healthy during this pandemic. Let’s take a look back at one of our podcast episodes entitled ‘The New Wellness ft Filbert Tan and reflect on things that we are doing in keeping ourselves healthy. Are we really on the right wellness track?


When I listened to this episode, it made me check whether I’m on the right track in keeping myself healthy or I’m just following what others are doing because many people have become more conscious of their bodies during this pandemic. I’ve seen and heard different opinions and practices that someone does to live a healthy life. However, there’s a question that lies underneath before trying several practices: Am I taking into consideration the different needs of my body to achieve wellness?

When we say wellness, we’re not just talking about fitness and food intake. We should take into consideration a holistic view of what our bodies need: Physical, Physiological, Emotional, Mental, and even Spiritual needs. Some may be thinking that once we exercise and go on a healthy diet plan, we’re already on the right track but turns out it doesn’t just stop there. Although it seems to be working to several people still as we try to do the same routine we get too overworked and stressed out. We start comparing our progress to others which can be bad rather than good and it’s because we are missing out on something.


One of the things that were pointed out in the podcast is that certain diet and certain food reacts differently to people. We may try to imitate the things that we see other people are doing, and we may see progress at some point during the process but turns out it’s not what our body actually needs. We have to be mindful of the reaction of our body and mind in the things that we do and intake. What we eat has a certain reaction to our body that may not be the same to other people.

I remember last year during the first ECQ, I immediately thought of following a certain diet to gain weight. I struggled for the first few days when I tried taking a definite amount of calories. Taking too many fats, carbs, and sugar just to meet my goal. Turns out I’m overfed yet undernourished and apparently, there’s a lot more to consider when going on a certain diet.

There’s not a single piece of information that Filbert Tan said that is not relevant or nonsense. Now that we are on our second season of ECQ, I think it’s time to reevaluate the things that we do to ourselves and the food that we eat. This podcast is very informative in a way that you’ll realize maybe we’re doing a lot of things to ourselves that are way harmful than we thought. So I suggest taking time and listen to this episode and maybe you’ll get the answer to “Am I doing the right thing for myself? How are we doing a year after? Are we still keeping up with what our body needs?

To know more about wellness and how we can understand more of our body needs in this episode

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