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  • What is The New Hue's crowdfunding program?
    The New Hue has always valued the power of relationships and communities. To provide our readers and supporters with a practical and direct way to support our journalism, we started our crowdfunding campaign. To get to know more about who we are, you can check our "About" page here.
  • Where will my donations be used?
    As you may know, The New Hue is an independent publication solely leveraging on the partnerships and efforts of the creative collective. Your donations will be used to support the pipeline of quality content on music and entertainment that aims to contribute to our society and culture.
  • Who can contribute to The New Hue's crowdfunding effort?
    Anybody who has access to The New Hue’s crowdfunding site can contribute to the effort. Anybody who wants us to grow and continue to support OPM the way we know best.
  • How can I fund The New Hue's crowdfunding projects?
    You can contribute via Gcash, Maya and PayPal Me. Simply indicate your amount of funding below and provide the necessary information to complete your transaction. Your donation, no matter how big or small, will be a great push for us.
  • How much can I fund?
    No matter what amount, it does matter. You may donate any custom amount you may want.
  • What are my funding payment options?
    As of the moment, you can contribute via Gcash, Maya and PayPal Me.
  • Can I do contributions, partnerships and other funding initiative to support The New Hue?
    Yes. We would appreciate any support that would be extended to help us continue our passion to provide a platform for local artists. You can email us at so we can set a meeting and discuss in details.
  • How do I know my contributions are utilized?
    We provide continuous update on the things with do with the programs we produce. Contributions will be used to sustain the creative collectives' necessary production cost.
  • Can I ask for a refund in my contribution?
    The New Hue will not be able to process refunds.
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