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Manila, Philippines

Short Film 'Float': For Parents All Around The World

All thanks to Bobby Rubio, Filipino-American characters have made their debut on Pixar animated films.


With the recent Georgia massage parlor shootings wherein the perpetrator targeted the Asian community, this film plays an important role in all nations. This film shows how similar the lives of Asians to every parent in the world. Even if you are from the western, eastern, northern, or southern hemispheres of our world, parents will always try to protect their children from prejudice, no matter how rash it might be.


In just seven minutes, Bobby Rubio managed to express the depth of a parents’ love to their child. The father tried to hide the ability of his special son to keep him from judgmental eyes by putting rocks into the child’s bag. However, this short film can also be interpreted by looking at the fact that no matter how much you love someone, you must learn to let them go, to make them happy.

Photo courtesy to Pixar

Real-life inspiration

The short film ‘Float’ is said to be inspired by Bobby Rubio’s own son, who was diagnosed with autism. With this inspiration in mind, he made the child in the film unique by making him float, which will be open to interpretation to parents all around the world. Reminding them that no matter how unique their children is, they will still be their children, and loving and caring for them will be always be the top priority.


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