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Manila, Philippines

Sam YG

sam yg

People always ask me how I ended up becoming a DJ. The truth is my dream was to be a lawyer. So I took all my classes, my pre law subjects, and I graduated in Ateneo back in 2005. And here I am, more than 4000 events later, more than 30,000 shows on TV and radio later, still doing what I do. And that is hosting and entertaining.

There's always been a misconception that being a host is easy. But what I have to say, or what I believe is hosting is an art in itself. Yes, anybody can read a script, anybody can read words from a cue card, but there is an art to hosting. And that is thinking on your feet, thinking by the second being able to respond to situations when they don't go right. And of course, being the front liner of a show. More often than not people don't know what happens behind the scenes, because you are the guy on stage. So if people make a mistake at the back, if an AVP does not play, if there are technical difficulties, it is on you to think on your feet, and make sure that people don't know what exactly is happening behind the scenes.

sam yg

I don't think I got to where I am today. Without a lot of things. A lot of things have to have to be a lot of things. I'm thankful for a lot of mistakes along the way, which propelled me to be the host that I am today. If there's one thing I learned along the way, after 17 years of being in the business, it's that you learn things as you go along. People always strive for perfection. You want the perfect event, you want everything to be spick and span. But perfection only gets you so far. Perfection is doing one event right doing one thing right. But as the years go by, as you mature, I believe what I learned to strive for was excellence. Excellence does not happen overnight. It doesn't happen with one perfect event doesn't happen with 10 Perfect events. Because after 10 Perfect events, you're probably gonna have, you know, your bad days, things are gonna go wrong. But then you come back, you come back stronger, you come back, you know better. And that's where excellence comes in. It's doing your best. No matter what the situation no matter how tired you are, no matter how difficult, you know, the people around you could be.

sam yg

I guess the brand Sam YG came about because of what I do what I bring to the table, but also comes with certain expectations. When people hire me to do a show, whether it's a TV show a corporate show, a wedding, it comes with certain expectations. Now, it is up to you to deliver what is expected of you. But through the years you know I've of course I love what I do. It's my passion. But the desire to learn and to be even better has always been there. People would always ask me “oh, kinakabahan ka pa ba when you go when you go on stage when you do events?”, and the answer is until today, of course nandiyan yung kaba. And I have to say that I like being “kabado” it keeps me on my toes. It keeps me excited.

Is it easy?

Do people a lot of people think that I just get on stage and do what I do. But still, every event, you know, whether it's you know, like I said a show or a wedding or whatnot is different. What do I mean by that? Different crowd different people? Do you have to learn even have to know what language to use, you have to know which jokes to crack. Di naman pwedeng, you know, people would always say, “ah baka bastos lagi.” Hindi eh, kailangan mong bagayan yung crowd with your material with the way you host. And that is where the art of hosting comes in.

"In this industry hindi ka pwede maluma. You snooze, you lose. So many people are out there waiting for you to make that one mistake. Waiting or you to be laos. Waiting for you to call it today or you know, tamarin tomorrow in or whatnot. Yes, it is. Also, it is a dog eat dog world out there. And so you are out there to prove them wrong."

I guess you could see that when I play a different character on “Boys Night Out”. I have a different side of me I show on my podcast “Lecheng Pag-Ibig To’”, you'd see a different side of me when I hosted the Boo. For the younger generation, you see me a different side of me when I host a corporate show a more formal show, a pageant and everything in between. But if there's one thing that remains constant, it is that me striving for excellence. And until today, I remember seeing by one of my mentors before now, you're only as good as your last show. Because people will remember you for that. Sometimes they may not see you again. Sometimes, that could be your curtain call. So I always have that mentality. Whenever I go on stage. Give it your all. Give it 100%. You never know who's watching you. You never know who's listening. And you never know whose life you can touch. I think I've been blessed with the opportunity and a job that allows me to make people happy to put a smile on people's faces. And for that I'm very thankful for but also the landscape has changed. And I guess a lot a lot of people also wonder, Oh, when I got married “Hindi ka na magpapatawa, hindi ka na mag-jojoke”, but I think that's where your another you know, trait comes in. Or another thing that I believed in and practiced all my life.

This is also where resilience and reinvention comes in.

In this industry hindi ka pwede maluma. You snooze, you lose. So many people are out there waiting for you to make that one mistake. Waiting or you to be laos. Waiting for you to call it today or you know, tamarin tomorrow in or whatnot. Yes, it is. Also, it is a dog eat dog world out there. And so you are out there to prove them wrong. You are out there not just to be the best, but to be better, better than the best. And like I said, to reinvent yourself. I think that's one thing that a lot of people probably struggle with. It is not the easiest thing to do. If you're no, you're done with one piece of life, how do you move on to the next phase of life and still be relevant still be current. You have to do your homework. You have to practice. Like I said, Do your homework. Make sure you're on top of the game to make sure you know you read what's in the news. You know how to maneuver yourself through a crowd and whatnot. There are things you will learn by taking seminars by going to class, but there are also things that you will learn with experience and until today I think experience would still be the best teacher for me.

sam yg

Am I still learning? Yes. Do I still strive for excellence?

Yes, maybe I, I've, I've come to a point in my life where perfection is just probably secondary. But excellence would be number one. I mean until this day, whenever I wake up I think that I'm given the opportunity to be the best that I can be in whatever that I'm doing.

Now the challenge is Are you up for it?

There are going to be days that’s going to be you know a bit slower, these are days you’re going to be tired. These were, you know, you're not going to be you're going to be out of it. But those are the days when you show up. Those are the days when you still give it your 100%. And those are the days that will define your character. Never stop learning. Work hard. Stay humble. Be kind, and of course be grateful for every opportunity that's been given to you.

My name is Sam YG. I am a host I'm an entrepreneur, and I will forever be a scholar of life.

sam yg


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