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Manila, Philippines

Billy Crawford

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Simple things make me happy. With just a cup of coffee to start the day, a kiss from the wife and a little hug and cuddle from the little man, I’m goods. I just really thank God I’m still breathing.

If you feel blessed, take a deep breath, look up and say thank You. Now if you feel down? Take a deep breath, look up and still say thank You.

The reason why I asked all of you reading this to do that is because sometimes I feel we all tend to take life for granted.

Yes, it’s true, I agree, life is sometimes unfair.

But just by working through your problems and finding solutions instead of dwelling on the negative, all things are possible.

You ever ask yourself what your purpose is?

Funny how I can ask that like it’s nothing, but the truth is, I’m still figuring that out, too.

Especially when I’m reminded that, sometimes, good things come to an end. LOL. 😉 That’s when I start questioning what I’m worth and what else I could do to survive this cruel but beautiful world we live in. Sometimes I feel like giving up, no lie. Imagine 37 years of working in the same industry. It’s like I skipped having a normal childhood and just worked my entire life. But did I enjoy it? HECK YEAH!

If I could relive my life, go back in time but still have the same mindset now, I would in a heartbeat. As long as I get to keep my wife and son. Too much to ask, huh?

I’ve had a few burnouts here and there, which taught me to be even stronger, and to go about life with patience. I’ve had some dark moments in the past when I wanted to just end my life. The feeling of suffocating, the walls closing in, feeling trapped in a system where you know you have no other choice but to stay. It was pretty dark. But I’ve also never given birth. Wanna talk about hard and painful experiences? Talk to my wife!

Faith is what did it for me. His presence and guidance is strong and always so timely, even at the last minute. Everything unfolds and falls into place in His time, not ours.


"So many of us are scared to take a chance. Take it from me, don’t be afraid. It’s okay to make mistakes, as long as it’s non-repetitive nor permanent, because it’s part of life."


I remember having a daily show and being on it regularly for 7 years. There, I met my then-future wife without knowing it. I decided to leave that show since I was getting married and the environment was a bit too toxic for my taste. I just knew it wasn’t good for my mental health. As time went by, I was able to concentrate on becoming a better man and a good husband. He always found a reason to take me out of different situations that did not serve me nor Him, and it always ended up being what was best for me, even though I didn’t understand it at the time.

During the pandemic, I lost my job like most of us. In my line of work, you come and go, and nothing is for certain. The recent years have proven that even more. Nothing is truly in our control. But again, by God’s grace, I am able to continue what I do. I just truly want to inspire, help, and motivate, especially the youth, who are afraid and intimidated by this ever-changing world. So many of us are scared to take a chance. Take it from me, don’t be afraid. It’s okay to make mistakes, as long as it’s non-repetitive nor permanent, because it’s part of life. We’ve heard this a million times. If you fall, get back up. So damn tiring, I should know.

But learning from other peoples’ mistakes, and of course my own, has made me stronger and wiser. And although I am still far from perfect, I can proudly say that I am better than I was. I will continue to fight to be the best version of myself because the people I love deserve it, but also, I deserve it.

We tend to complain, I know I do a lot, but damn we have no right to complain. Understanding grace means knowing that we are blessed with enough, which is more than what we even deserve. I know now that I should always be humble and remember that there are others, at this very moment, who are going though things that are a million times worse than what I’m going through, as much as there are also some who are at a much better place than I am.

I try to put myself in the middle, and not think that I am better than anyone else. KARMA’S a b*tch, remember that. Man, if you knew me 15, 20 years ago, I was a completely different person. Didn’t care about life, had an entourage of about 20, spending left and right like I was Bill Gates and just living the life, until it was slowly taken away. All the perks, connections, fame, fortune mean nothing when you have nothing. I can just sit here and talk about my personal struggles and experiences, but that would take hours, if not days.

So, thank You Lord, for taking me out of the dark over and over again.

I’m at a point in my life now wherein I just want to live! I want to be healthy, and I need to witness my son grow up and watch him soar higher than I have ever flown. I want to be able to court my wife over and over again to keep that fire burning in our relationship. I’m also ready to take new challenges cause I know our God is there with us, holding our hands as we walk this journey called life!

I wish nothing but great things ahead for all of us!

Yours truly,

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Luz Victorino
Luz Victorino
Apr 07, 2023

I vote for Julie Ann San Jose

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