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Manila, Philippines

Rock-psychedelia group PINKMEN, Releases New Single “HABULAN” featuring ElyBuendia at 123 BLOCK

Filipino Rock-Psychedelia ensemble Pinkmen released their newest single "HABULAN''

under Offshore Music on June 30, 2023, at 123 Block Mandaluyong. This freshly

released track is the band’s collaboration with Ely Buendia, who joined them in

performing the song. The event also showcased performances by Any Name's Okay,

Syd Hartha, Ena Mori, and Sulo on the same night.

The band is composed of Matthew Medarno (guitars and vocals) ,Giro Alva , Mark

Armas (bass and backup vocals), Jed (keyboard). In regards to their latest single, Mark revealed that the song wasn't originally intended for the band. It was actually an old composition of his, initially meant for his solo project. However, they believed that the song had the potential to blend well with Pinkmen's unique sound. Therefore, the band members reworked the chords, melody, and infused it with their distinctive Pinkmen style.

Jed, the keyboardist, contributed the bridge section to complete the transformation. This

is how the captivating collaboration, "Habulan," came into existence, featuring Ely

Buendia, the esteemed leader of Offshore Music, the band's record label.

Matt added that working with Ely Buendia helped the track become what it is to be, as


“This is our first time working intimately with Ely. He was very hands on. When we went

to Offshore with the song we came into it knowing yet it was not yet in its final form and

they gave their input and the process was amazing because we got to see the insight of

Ely and how he works his magic though the song. All the way from the drums to the

very last bit, he was there at the board to help out.” Matt shares.

Also, the band collectively says that “Habulan” is for their fans.

“This is our love and creation for you guys and we hope we captured what we were

trying to do with the song as the song went through alot. Original intention of the song

was to give hope to the person listening to it. I wrote it for my friends who went through

tough times. It’s about the struggle of chasing your dreams. It can mean to you the way

you want it to mean,” Mark adds.

The band further mentioned that they have a series of upcoming releases in the

pipeline. They are actively working on writing their album and eagerly anticipate the

evolution and future endeavors of Pinkmen. There is great enthusiasm surrounding

what lies ahead, and fans can expect to witness and experience more of Pinkmen's

musical journey in the future.

You can stream "Habulan" here.


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