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Manila, Philippines

Ena Owns The Night. Wins Album of the Year at the 36th Awit Awards

Ena Mori during her birthday show
Ena Mori during her birthday show

Don't Blame The Wild One for winning the Album of the Year. The Wild One deserves it!

In an era where most are into releasing singles, Ena Mori thinks differently. This brave kids from Offshore Music wrote her heart out and released her album DBTWO! This 12-track album was recorded within the pandemic with producer Timothy Run, recoding engineer Audry Dionisio, and mixing and mastering engineers Emil dela Rosa and Sam Marquez. Songs like 'King of Night', 'DBTWO!', 'White Room', 'Vivid' and 'Fall In Love' were all part of this masterpiece.

Truly, The Wild One connected with her music. And the results are inevitable.

Stream DBTWO here.


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