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Manila, Philippines

Singer-Songwriter Mix Fenix found her sound, Released new track, 'Two feet In'.

Mix Fenix - Two Feet In

Two Feet In.

Known for her quirkiness on social media, Mix Fenix has been making buzz on the Internet for jokes. She is not joking this time as she released her new song titled 'Two Feet In'.

Produced by Raymund Marasigan, the track is her first release with Lockdown Entertainment.

She has been doing IG lives on Wednesdays with covers but this time, there's a whole vault of originals to look out for. When we ask her what's different now with her take on music, she answered, "I already found my sound. It's Neo-Blues."

Mix Fenix - Two Feet In

Neo-blues is a modern musical style that incorporates many different influences, including jazz, funk, rock, soul, and even electronic music, while drawing inspiration from traditional blues music. It combines raw instrumentation, expressive vocals, and traditional blues structures with cutting-edge production methods and contemporary elements to create a unique sound. All things considered, neo-blues is a contemporary take on the blues, upholding its core characteristics while welcoming innovation and experimentation.

There's a wide list of neo-blues performers globally but locally, only a few try on this genre. It's her core of authenticity is what is driving Mix to create something out of the ordinary to offer something new for the industry to listen to.

Two Feet In is now out on digital streaming platforms.

On November 18, she will be having a launch event at 123 Block to celebrate the milestone together with Japo vs The French Girl, Gabba, Over October and Keiko Necesario.


Photo by Job Corpuz


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