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Manila, Philippines

Reviving the Quirk: Eugene Layug's Novelty Songs Take Over the Local Music Scene

Eugene Layug receiving his Awit Award
Eugene Layug receiving his Awit Award

Novelty songs have always had a particular place in Filipino hearts because of its catchy melodies and well written lyrics. They have influenced the nation's culture for decades to come. These fanciful works, which are frequently distinguished by their lighthearted topics, clever wordplay, and catchy melodies, have delighted listeners as well as acting as a singular mirror, capturing the variety of aspects of Filipino humor, resiliency, and social dynamics. Examining how novelty songs affect Filipinos reveals a complex tapestry of cultural identity, shared laughter, and the power of music to bring a people together via happy and carefree times. From the iconic tunes of yesteryears to the contemporary chart-toppers, novelty songs continue to resonate, leaving an enduring legacy in the collective memory of the Filipino people.

Enter Eugene Layug.

We met him being one of our guest in our pandemic time podcast. He's a natural with his quirks. Nothing forced. Which we believe is the factor why his authenticity in songs is receiving what it is due. Recently he won his first Awit Award for 'Best Novelty Recording' for his song 'Kabit Pala Ako'.

He also released a number of songs namely, 'Maghihiwalay Din Kayo', 'Akin Na Lang Syota Mo', 'Landiin Niyo Na Ako' and the recent one, 'Mamamatay Yata Akong Single'.

On top of being a singer, Eugene is also doing hosting gigs as he held the wheel during this year's The New Hue Video Music Awards 2023 together with Macoy Dubs.

With the wide range our current OPM scene does have with its young core and supportive cornerstones, we can only expect nothing but a melodic atmosphere for the local music scene. A win for everyone.


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