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Manila, Philippines

Odd Creatures Our Cue 2021 Brought Us to Another Realm

This season has been a real challenge for everybody since the pandemic. We’ve been on the same page and change is yet to come. Our way of thinking and meeting this challenge may be different from one another, however in music we unite.

A blissful online concert with such amazing talents took all of us to another realm last night. This quick sweet escape from reality that we deserve was all made possible by these incredible artists from O/C Records Ph together with Viva Live Inc.

Here’s what you might have missed from Odd Creatures Our Cue 2021 and why you should watch its encore tonight if you haven’t watched it yet:


Even if you haven’t gone to a concert before, the thing that made last night’s concert a sweet escape from reality was its new experience. Yes, the feeling of being in the crowd, seeing these artists in person and having no worries at all (plus a ton more reasons that you can come up with) makes a total difference compared to the virtual experience, but don't you think we'll have that more intimate connection with these artists we adore?

I mean, hear me out. In live concerts, we only get to hear them and see them in person. If you can afford VIP sessions with them, well, that makes you a lucky person ‘coz you get to talk to them probably within a minute or less. But in this new experience, they may not be able to hear you, but they get to know how much they or their music means to you ONE BY ONE, just by simply scrolling through your messages on the comments. Plus all of these can happen in the comfort of your home.

You may think that they didn’t see your comments but with what happened last night, do you still think they didn’t?


Last night, we finally heard their stories about how they deal with different challenges during this pandemic, and how they continuously cope up to keep creating good music. It’s really amazing to know that they’re expanding their capabilities and avenues. This gave them the chance to explore in more musical and personal ways.

For all those aspiring artists out there, you need to hear their stories ‘coz you might find their stories similar to yours. I know many of us are struggling to find an easy outlet for our creativity and sanity, however, trust me when I say upon hearing what they’ve gone through, I hope you find a silver lining amidst the uncertainty.

Can you imagine that we’re growing in our own crafts and passion along with our fave artists?


With all honesty, I'm not familiar with most of the artists who performed last night. But when I heard and watched them perform, I asked myself “where have I been all along?”. Was I disappointed? No, I wasn't, by any chance. I was so surprised that even the artists I already knew have something more to offer.

Everyone stood out and no one was outshined.

Here's the complete roster:

Hosted by: The Cips

Overall, each song and story of these artists are truly moving and inspirational. There wasn’t a gray area that anyone can possibly point out in this concert. Can’t wait to hear more from them individually and witness what they will become in the future.

I bet everyone else has their own reasons why Odd Creatures Our Cue 2021 is one of the best virtual concerts that we have to watch and experience. To help you list down your reasons why, let’s watch it together again later at 8 pm on Viva Records YouTube Channel.

Got hangover of the concert? Don’t worry! There’s a playlist made for you. Click the link below.

Do you agree with our list? Let us know your thoughts on this!


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