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Manila, Philippines

Mimiyuuuh Drops the Refreshingly Vogue Music Video for her Song DYWB

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

On October 17, 2020, comedian, social media personality, and now recording artist Mimiyuuuh released the music video for her debut single DYWB, which is nothing less than a shower of spectacle and a show of her ingenuity that pushed her to the top and the reactions following its release is a form of entertainment in itself.

Directed, conceptualized, and edited by Jaime Pacena II, the scrappy, vogue styled music video is a showcase of everything that made Mimiyuuuh so successful as an entertainer and performer: her creative ingenuity, straightforward punch and wit, the loose yet easy to follow along dance moves, and just the sheer comical, entertainment value she delivers every time.

It features some of the objects that have now become associated with her due to them constantly being featured in her hit, viral videos, one of which is the now famous Lucky Star plastic cabinet that had served as the most constant companion to her skits, along with some additional, creative illustration by Jai Alano.

The reactions following its release is its own source of entertainment due to it containing so much of the same sharp wit and punch that is the staple of Mimiyuuh’s performances.

Definitely, Kean Cipriano and O/C Records mined a diamond producing this one. Watch the music video here.


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