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Manila, Philippines

Majesty by Jem Cubil Explores the Pitfalls of our Romantic Exploits

We all know what the power of love can do to all of us. It can inspire us, make us do great things, make us better as a person and for people, etc. On the flipside though, this same powerful force can bring the worst from us. It can make us jealous, possessive, arrogant, selfish, and it can drive us insane.

The latest release of singer-songwriter Jem Cubil, Majesty, released under O/C Recrods last November 25, 2020, is about how our usually impulsive approach to love can easily lead us astray and into ruin.

The song sounds like your typical, cheerful romantic track with a good tinge of cheesiness but it belies the fact that the track really talks about how our arrogant approach to love can break us and perhaps, it’s its greatest strength, the contrast of its music and its theme, which results in a song that has a massive, proud vibe in it, which only serves to reinforce its overall meta.

It’s not all chest thumping pride though. The song ultimately concludes with a sense of self-awareness as it realizes the harm it has done to itself and resolves to let go of a damaging love and move forward with life once and for all.

The track has a more complex and layered production than Jem’s previous releases, forgoing the usual stripped and somber affair with more lively vocal performances accompanied by fellow musicians Keiko Necesario and EJ de Perio and more instrument brought to this party of a show like the smooth keys and the suave electric guitars, adding a tinge of some RnB to an otherwise largely acoustic track.

An original composition by Jem Cubil, he’s also responsible for producing and arranging the track along with Len Calvo, with some vocal supervision by Pauline Lauron. The mixing and mastering of the track was done by Andrew Florention with its sound engineering made by Ponciano Martinez while its overall recording was done at Amerasian Studios.

Majesty by Jem Cbil is now out on all digital platforms for those times when your suffering from the consequences of a reckless kind of love.

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