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LET’S HIT REWIND: the birth of Macoy Dubs and our beloved Auntie Julie

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Photo courtesy of Macoy Dub's official facebook page (

In the midst of uncertainty and chaos during this pandemic, the birth of Macoy Dubs and Auntie Julie is one of the things that I’d like to consider as a true blessing to many in bringing light and sanity back. Let’s admit it, it’s really hard to stay sane in our house with all the things happening in the world. That even scrolling through our social media platforms is quite overwhelming because they’re either flooded with misinformation or filled with bad news. However, all thanks to Mark Averilla, the genius behind Macoy Dubs and the conyo Tita that we all adore, Auntie Julie, because we get to take a break and laugh along with his short skits.

In a BeHue episode with Reg and Gita featuring Macoy Dubs which aired on September 17, 2020, they talked about how Macoy Dubs and Auntie Julie came to be, mental health and everything in between.

The Good, The Bad, and Our Conyo Tita

Who has forgotten Macoy Dubs’ famous reimagined movie scenes from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and ‘Mean Girls’ as if it was made in the Philippines? Although it was made back in 2017, his skits made us laugh and eased our minds from the toxicity of social media. This idea was just actually out of his frustration as a way to express his creativity. Even during this pandemic, our beloved conyo Tita, Auntie Julie, came to life as his contribution to keep us sane and lighten up our timelines.

But in the light of his creativity, there will always be times when negativity gets in the way and makes social media so overwhelming.

“If you have time to limit your social media use, that would be helpful also.” Macoy reminded that it’s okay to pause and unplug from the online realm; to set boundaries from online platforms and take care of our mental health most especially during these trying times.

Throughout the episode, it’s good to know that beyond Macoy’s online personality, he’s still a grounded person, and uses his platforms as a way to reach out to people and entertain.

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