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Manila, Philippines

Last year, DJ Mo Twister talked about CoVid-19. We need to talk about it again.

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

It has been a year, nothing happened.

Photo courtesy of DJ Mo Twister's Instagram (@djmotwister)

‘The New Society’ aired last May 20, 2020, featuring H, Reg, and DJ Mo Twister, and I must say—it aged like milk.

DJ Mo talks about the gaslighting that happened last year about CoVid-19. People denied the existence of the virus, even our very own president.

But why?

Reg hit the score when she dropped the fact about the privilege of other people. They can deny its existence because they are not affected. Rich people don’t need to go out. They have their own personal shoppers, drivers, and maids to do all the work that might expose them to the virus.

A new society where the rich can still be comfortable at home and people from the lower class still had to go out for money, to survive. Sounds familiar.

However, another problem arises. DJ Mo, a father of 2, still needed to send his kids to school. But he’s not having any of it. He took his kids home, and 2 weeks later, dropped the “I told you” card.

Educational institutions did not know what to do. Go online? Blended-learning? Everything was a disaster.

Economy or science?

DJ Mo raised another important concern about our economy. Should we just wait inside our homes until the virus suddenly and miraculously disappears? Does putting employees in a remote work set-up really solve the problem in the economy? Will it be enough?

To sum it up, this podcast, as I mentioned earlier, aged like milk. Their whole discussion about the pandemic during its first months still applies to this day, exactly one year after. Nothing has happened.

As of today, March 20, 2021, a total of 7,999 cases is logged. The biggest single-day tally in the country.

To end this revhue, we will quote DJ Mo’s words of wisdom.

“It’s better to be alive.”


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