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Manila, Philippines

Karencitta on Her New Music and Her #GorillazRapChallenge!

After breaking into the international pop scene with “Cebuana” way back in 2017 and pouring quality singles like “Do it In Bisaya”, “BamBamBam” and more, Karencitta returns with a brand new banger entitled “GOR!LLAZ.” Here Karen Ann Cabrera, best known as Karencitta once again showcases her roots—while putting trap-beat Hip-hop to the fore. In “GOR!LLAZ,” Karencitta puts the spotlight on her home in Lorega which is in the heart of Cebu City, where she raps about loyalty in brilliant Bisaya and English. According to the singer, the place is known to be a tough area in Cebu. But in spite of that, that place molded her to be streetwise and tough, just like its neighborhood.

The song is a metaphor for me,” said Karencitta. “To me, it means loyalty. My family and I are from Lorega which is in the heart of Cebu City. It’s one of the most notorious and drug-infested hoods in Cebu. But in this ‘hood, you develop a certain type of loyalty from the people living there, and I call those people my “GOR!LLAZ”. The song talks about allegiance and how you can’t buy that from me because I’m cut from a different cloth. I’m a person of principles and you can’t buy these principles.” She stated.

On this brand new original, one can hear Karencitta’s ever-expanding expertise in rap music that she flaunts in every single that she released. Distilling her influences such as Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Bob Marley, and Kendric Lamar into a sound that Karencitta can call her own style. Karencitta on TikTok!

Karencitta is inviting everyone to join her on the #GorillazRapChallenge! This is your time to flex your bars. Drop some slick bars of your own using the beat on the GOR!LLAZ record. The deadline is on March 21.

“I’ll be announcing my favorite rapper on March 24 and will be giving free signed merchandise, YOOZ products, and a 3-month voucher for VIVA MAX!!! Good luck!” she shared.

Karencitta imparts some wisdom during these difficult times. “With the pandemic presenting a whole array of new challenges and affecting so many aspects of our lives, Use your voice and platform wisely. Don’t share fake news. Spread messages of encouragement and be the light.”

“GOR!LLAZ” is on Spotify, Apple Music, and all streaming platforms. Check out the official music video on Karencitta’s YouTube channel. About Karencitta: Hip-hop sensation Karencitta made her mark in the music scene after she released her viral hit “Cebuana.” Since then, she has been proudly raising the Filipino flag in the international scene by incorporating Sinulog-inspired themes into her songs. This led her to create official anthems for their yearly festival in Cebu in the following years. And in the following years, she was able to create an official anthem for the yearly festival, "Do It In Bisaya."

She was also able to perform her hip-hop dance track, "BamBamBam," which recently became a trending dance hit on social media. Aside from tracks that hit close to home, Karencitta also makes sure to bring various sounds to her new tracks. While her main genre is hip-hop she combines it with old school rap, dance, and dance—proving her dynamic range. Today, her latest track "GOR!LLAZ" is now available on all digital platforms. This track showcases everything about Karencitta and her roots -- the first out of many projects in store for her music this year.


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