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Manila, Philippines

Jolianne returns to her roots with the release of R&B ballad “I’ll Be Somebody You Want”

The promising R&B star embraces moments of vulnerability on her comeback single


Rising singer-songwriter Jolianne gears up for her new era in music with the release of “I’ll Be Somebody You Want,” out today via Sony Music Entertainment.

The R&B ballad is all about finding a genuine romantic connection with someone who isn’t afraid to embrace all facets of who you are as a person, regardless of your complexities and imperfections.

Written by Jolianne herself, the song shows strong moments of breakage and vulnerability as the Cebuana yearns for a kind of love that is patient and unconditional, yet firm enough to withstand atrocities that may come in the way.

She admits, “I wrote this about somebody who only ever loved me at my best. But you don’t get to choose which parts of a person to love. You take the good with the bad. I want to be loved as unconditionally as I love.”

“I’ll Be Somebody You Want” is produced by RJ Pineda, who is known as a keyboardist for Filipino bands such as Apartel and Brat Pack. According to Jolianne, it was her first time to collaborate with the acclaimed musician, whom she described as versatile, tasteful, and well-versed in music theory.

The promising recording star reveals, “This track was produced by RJ Pineda, a legend on the keys. There are so many layers to unpack in this song’s production. Even now, after having heard the track over and over, I still pick up on hidden gems that I didn’t know were there prior.”

The most heavily produced song in my catalogue so far, “I’ll Be Somebody You Want,” ensures that Jolianne’s vocal performance shines front and center, while also putting a premium on the nitty-gritty details concerning the arrangements and sonic detail. Music-wise, it’s a return to form: a back-to-basics approach that is reminiscent of early Jolianne, but with the musicality and taste even more refined and elevated as before.

“I’m also intent on showing people the human behind the art. I’m getting comfortable writing about my own lived experiences instead of writing about second-hand experiences.

Jolianne’s “I’ll Be Somebody You Want” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.


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