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Manila, Philippines

Jayda Unveils New Single “IDILY” — A Candid Exploration of Love Through Liquid Courage

Singer-songwriter and rising artist Jayda is poised to make a profound musical impact following her signing with Republic Records Philippines. She is set to release her first single with the new label called “IDILY.”

“IDILY” taps into a story about giving in to the urge of drunk texting an ex. With the acronym

translating to “I’m Drunk, I Love You,” this evocative track explores the common yet uncharted territory of confessions, raw emotions, and vulnerability that comes after one emerges under the influence of alcohol.

A Deeply Personal Yet Mature New Sound

When asked about the inspiration for the song, Jayda revealed that she drew her vision from

exploring the drinking culture, which she has grown familiar with after she had just gotten into drinking around the time of writing the song.

She also acknowledged the stigma around drinking and drunk texting and how people are

considered feeble-minded for doing it. However, “IDILY” takes it from a different angle as she

expresses her admiration for people who have engaged in drunk texting.

“Being drunk is quite possibly one of the most vulnerable states a person can be, therefore

making drunken confessions a little bold and brave. I spun in it a sense that there really is strength in vulnerability.” Jayda noted.

To reflect Jayda’s songwriting approach to “IDILY,” she mentioned that the song unveils a

mid-tempo pop ballad sound. The song's concept started with a clear vision of what she wanted to sing about. It was followed by simple jamming and brainstorming on a piano to create the melody and sound.

Jayda also employed the help of her co-producer and co-writer, Casey Sullivan, by sending him voice memos and notes to bring the vision to life. The result is a mature lyrical and thematical song, departing from the sound of her previous work.

“Lyrically, I balance having it be personal, yet wanting it to have a poetic feel to it as well. While concept-wise, generally, I don’t hold back and sugarcoat a picture of someone wanting to drown her sorrows away in alcohol for the moment.”

She also noted that “IDILY” is the beginning of a new chapter in her artistic journey—one that will showcase her most honest songwriting yet. The single is a precursor to Jayda’s upcoming releases that echo the same genuine sentiment.

A Love Letter to Fans and the Party Culture

As for the target audience, Jayda said she wants “IDILY” to resonate with a diverse audience, particularly setting it for people in the party and drinking culture. The song promises an anthem for those who experience the vulnerability of intoxicated confessions.

“I see this song as the song that people chant and cheer at a party when they’ve had one too many,” Jayda shared.

But, the endgame for Jayda has always been to break through to the international stage. Her

aspirations extend globally with a desire to touch hearts across the globe through the universal language of music.

In a landscape where love and heartbreak songs are prevalent, “IDILY” takes a unique stance. Jayda recognized the idea that there have been so many songs about every possible love scenario, but what makes “IDILY” different is the way she wants to convey and express her song.

“IDILY” has allowed Jayda to become more fearless in terms of writing about personal, raw, and relevant subjects - all of which are themes that means a lot to her as a young adult. Overall, the song shall serve as a great metric and example of her core artistry.

For the latest updates on Jayda and the release of "IDILY," follow her on social media and

streaming platforms.

Listen to the track here:


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