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Manila, Philippines

In The Music HUErizon: The Unapologetic Psyche Savannah

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Photo Courtesy of Psyche Savannah

It is remarkable to meet a woman who’s unapologetically bad-ass pursuing and living the life she wants. In this week’s featured artist, let’s unravel the sweet melody in a strong-willed mind. Meet the woman in the music huerizon that you might haven’t heard of yet, Psyche Savannah.

Stephanie Jean Monse, a.k.a. Psyche Savannah (Sav), is the latest singer-songwriter addition to the pack of underground artists to keep an eye on under Wolves Den PH Entertainment. Sav has four official singles available on Spotify right now, all of which are great for this rainy season. Check her passionate and sultry track 'HMU', which was released earlier this year.


Photo Courtesy of Psyche Savannah

Sav got her stage name ‘Psyche Savannah’ from two sources: Greek mythology and the Rugrats animated series. Cupid's wife, Princess Psyche, is a Greek legendary figure with a strong passion for love that Goddess Venus was envious of. And meanwhile, Savannah, a well-known badass character, was inspired by Nickelodeon in the 90s of a hit animated series.

Although these two characters are total opposites, they resemble Sav’s alter persona as the woman she is in her art. The kind of vibe she wants women to embody: A legendary unapologetic woman embracing whatever lemon life has to offer.

“I am an empowered woman. I can do whatever, I can say whatever. I am not afraid to speak my mind.” she said.


Sav's love for music is firmly ingrained in her. Her father was a metal band member in the 90s, so she was no stranger to music. She started writing her own music since she was 12 years old. Although it was still unprofessional, this baby step sparked a passion that she later focused on. At 17, she joined a band and competed at a battle of the bands, although it didn’t last, she got a remarkable compliment from one of the musicians she met, saying she got potential. However, the band she was part of didn’t really work out for her, but new opportunities came to her door.

During her college days, she was one of the courtside reporters of UAAP League from Season 76 to 78. Reporting from the side of Adamson University’s Soaring Falcons. Because of her undeniable beauty and brain, she then took part in 2018’s Miss Earth Philippines. Years later, she found herself way back to music. She met the founder of Wolves Den PH Entertainment, Los Gratis, as she was emceeing in many events before.

Her experiences in life pushed her to write songs and produced her first two songs independently. Check out her songs on Spotify here.

I must say that her songs are pretty laid back which you can enjoy when you’re just chillin’. Some of her songs (as she described them) are pretty emo but are good pieces to accompany you when you’re on your lows. Tracks to add on gloomy day playlist.

Few days ago, she released another single in collaboration with Just$am under the same record label entitled ‘Northern Lights’.

The wolves are on the loose! Proving their spot in the spotlight is rightfully theirs, and Psyche Savannah is just one of the packs to definitely keep an eye on in the music scene.

You surely don’t wanna miss out, so follow her on her socials to get updates:

Instagram: @PsycheSav

Facebook: PsycheSav

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