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‘I Get It’: Iyann tackles what “overthinking” feels like in relationships

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

Singer-songwriter, rapper, and record producer, Iyann, releases his newest single, ‘I Get It,’ on Thursday, March 24, published under O/C Records.

I Get It touches on the concept of “overthinking,” dwelling on endless possible circumstances, both good and bad, that can occur in a romantic relationship.

“I Get It is about overthinking what will happen in the future with a romantic relationship. Will it get better over time? Or will it just cause the two people to drift apart?” Iyann shares.

In an exclusive chat with the artist, Iyann shares how this track signifies handing out his “journal” of personal experiences, what makes the record simple but truthful and straight to the point, why he went for an “ethereal feeling” in terms of the track’s sonic arrangement, how I Get It influenced his overall artistry, and more.

I Get It (cover art)

TNH: I Get It dwells on the concept of overthinking possible circumstances in a romantic relationship. How important is it for you to tackle such narrative through your music?

Iyann: Since the beginning of my career, my goal has been to write songs about my experiences not only as an artist but as a person. Tackling this narrative through my music is very important to me because this is like my “journal”. I put my heart and soul into every song I write and make sure to learn from my experiences and capture that moment in my life. Sharing this song with my listeners and knowing that this can help them through tough times really mean a lot to me because I’ve also been there.

TNH: The track is relatively based on personal experience. How did the production of I Get It influence the way you deal with such temperament?

Iyann: After making this track, I realized that after what happened, I could move on knowing that I tried my best to make it work, and sometimes that is all we need; to try our best. Better to try and give it your all than not try at all.

TNH: Aside from being a singer-songwriter and rapper, you’re also a record producer. Your sound would typically showcase eminent R&B/Soul tunes. With your latest track, how would you describe its overall sound and other sonic features?

Iyann: I really wanted to try and go for that ethereal feeling in terms of production. You can hear it in the synth that I used for the whole track. I also used traditional R&B/Soul drums instead of my go-to trap drums that I used in a lot of my previous projects. Another thing that I really liked about this track is that I was able to add more percussion in the background. I also used a lot of vocal melodies, which I had never tried before.

TNH: The track started off as a freestyle piece produced in one of your beat-making sessions. How would you describe this track's overall flow and structure in terms of its lyrical aspect, and what can your listeners expect from it?

Iyann: I would describe this track as simple but truthful and straight to the point. The first half is all about the words, and in the second half of this track, I used my voice as an instrument to create these multi-layered melodies. I am not great at singing, I’m still learning, but I’ll get there. To all my listeners, you’re in for a treat.

TNH: How about the production journey of this record? How would you describe it? What significant experiences influenced the way you shape up I Get It?

Iyann: I can say that the journey of producing this record has been a real learning experience for me. I always want to improve myself, and I can proudly say that in this track, it shows. I’m always afraid of sharing a real personal experience. I’m a very timid person once you get to know me, and having many people listen/judge my song is always scary but fun at the same time when I hear my friends and listeners’ support for my artistry.

TNH: I Get It marks as your sophomore track under O/C Records, following the release of your Dreams and Nightmares EP in 2020. Since then, how much have you grown as an artist, and how did such evolution influence the production of this single?

Iyann: Since then, I have been reflecting on myself and what direction I want to go with my music. A lot happened in 2021. All I can say is that “I Get It” marks the start of a new chapter for me, and I can’t wait to share this with all of you.

TNH: What kind of artist will your listeners witness through I Get It?

Iyann: My listeners will hear my pain and sadness, but most important of all, they will witness my great passion for music.

Following the success of his single, Phone Call 917, in 2018, and his most-streamed song to date, Madaming Sinasabi, released in 2021 as the lead single of his EP, PYRE,

where he was discovered by Kean Cipriano, which led to a record deal with O/C Records, Iyann releases I Get It — a representation of “a new chapter” in his creative journey as a musician.

You can now stream I Get It on all digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. You can also stream the official lyric visualizer via OC Records' YouTube Channel.


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