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Manila, Philippines


Updated: Aug 19, 2020

When we started The New Hue last May when we were all locked in this quarantine, we envisioned ways to get people stay at home. And by now, we all know it is not easy to stay at home. So while having fun talking and meeting new people over the Internet, the crew planned out to have a "Zoom Party" and plans escalated quickly as artists want to share. The passion project is now here.

Huenite by The New Hue is an online music fest where different sounds and types of music collaborate to continue the interaction while staying at home. From DJs to Bossa Nova to HipHop beats, 4th and 5th of September 2020 will be nothing short of being legendary. Why? Because this is the day where we unite. Not for whatever political color or whatsoever, but we unite to stay at home and enjoy music.

Grab a beer. Grill those ribs. Turn your speakers on. We take care of your music.

Be reminded of the details as we announce the lineup for Huenite the whole month of August. Stay tuned as well as to how to qualify for some giveaway items we are preparing for you guys.

Continue to be black and white, Hues.

Here are the announced acts for Huenite:

Nina Saputil-Salvo, John Odin, Hoest, Those Damn Nerds, Nava, Nzo, Angelo G, Hannah Althea, Zkittlez, Katsy Lee, Ed Monro, Sitti, Kean Cipriano and more.

You can click here to be reminded of the event. For social media partners, you can email us at for plugs.

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