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Manila, Philippines


We all have this internal dialogue and underlying emotions about our insecurities — and when the triggers are pricked, they can either be detrimental or beneficial to our well-being.

In the pilot episode of Things-Hue-Vomit Season 2, H and Mix discussed one of the most common toxic traits in our society today — Body Shaming.


It is an act of humiliating and degrading someone based on their physical appearance. In the context of Filipino culture, this usually occurs during family gatherings — when relatives playfully point out a particular aspect of one’s physical appearance.

Tackless remarks pertaining to one’s physical appearance can stir up a feeling of shame. Mix stated that these comments, though they may be delivered jokingly, can be hurtful as it utters how “other people see what you find as an imperfection in yourself,”

H added that the person is then pressured to change something about themselves.

Oftentimes, children who are only in their formative years encounter this deriding experience -- this is where body-shaming builds up to be a detriment to one’s well-being as it amplifies an individual’s insecurities.

“Body shaming manifests in many ways,” Mix stated.

First, it occurs when you start to criticize your appearance as you find your features affecting you negatively. Second, it is when you criticize another person’s physical appearance blatantly. And lastly, it occurs when you criticize other people’s appearance without their knowledge.

Though these remarks regarding one’s physical attributes may be offensive most of the time, there are still criticisms that we can consider to be constructive when statements are made to genuinely help the person grow and develop a better lifestyle.

Various toxic traits have been existing in the Philippine culture for ages, and we can correct these harmful traits only if we learn to take a stand in ending the cycle.

As H and Mix mentioned, we help end the cycle when we live by example.

“There’s no perfect culture, but it’s always good to start with ourselves,” Mix added.

Check out the full Things-Hue-Vomit episode on Spotify and Apple Podcast. Correct one toxic trait at a time.


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