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Manila, Philippines

Filipino electronic music producer crwn marks career milestone with debut album “Séance”

The album also features collaborations with Nadine Lustre, Jess Connelly, Curtismith, Jason Dhakal and more!


Séance Album Art by Clara Clayosa

Manila, Philippines  crwn’s highly anticipated debut album, “Séance,” has finally graced our ears. King Puentespina's inaugural album, "Séance," made its entrance precisely at 11 PM on May 11, 2024. The unveiling took place during its album launch in Makati, where the producer and his collaborators presented it to an audience.

This dance-infused album pulsates with the beats of drum and bass, UK garage, and house, serving as its primary genres. Here's the complete tracklist of "Séance," showcasing a stellar lineup of collaborators:


Rooftops In Paris (feat. Curtismith)

Good Enough (feat. Jason Dhakal)

Another Day (feat. Jolianne)

Wish It Never Ends (feat. Olympia)

Ouroboros (feat. Six The Northstar)

Past Due (feat. Jess Connelly)

Honey (feat. August Wahh)

Feel Something (feat. Nadine Lustre)

Waiting For You (feat. Loner)

Dreaming Of You (feat. Tala)


In addition to the featured artists, the producer collaborated with New Jersey-based audio engineer and long-time friend, JP Del Mundo, for the meticulous mixing and mastering of the tracks. Furthermore, the album benefited from the contributions of Ram Alonzo, who co-produced "Wish It Never Ends" and "Waiting For You" alongside the producer.

Released under the prestigious labels of Pool Records and SONY Music Entertainment, "Séance" stands as a testament to the collective talent and dedication of all involved.

The producer recently shared on Instagram the inspiration behind the captivating Album Art, designed by Clara Cayosa. Reflecting on his profound admiration for Filipino Mythology, he delves into the significance of the Balete tree, a sanctuary for mythical beings. He explains, "I've always been captivated by the Balete tree, so as part of my album research, I made it a mission to seek one out." His quest led him to the majestic Millennium Tree in Baler. He mentions that much like the Millennium Tree, he aspires for the album to endure the passage of time, leaving a mark for generations to come.

Make sure to stream the album now:


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