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Manila, Philippines

Dreamify Presents Take Over (Onse: Onse) Concert in Makati

Dreamify, formerly known as Dreamify Records or “drmfy”, is an independent collective dedicated to supporting and promoting talented musicians, has announced an exciting concert to celebrate its growth and community over the past three years. On November 11th, 2023, Dreamify will host "Take Over (Onse: Onse)" at Balcony Music House in Makati. This event marks the culmination of Dreamify's "Road to Take Over" tour across the Philippines in 2023, which aimed to connect talented acts with new audiences nationwide.

Take Over (Onse: Onse)

"Take Over (Onse: Onse)" promises a night filled with music from 11 incredible performers, including 7 rising stars from Dreamify's own roster. The lineup features YNISH w/ ATBP, Paul Lagac Music, 157, Nichimi Music w/ Chill Axe, Polaris., LYLEE, and Zynfinity. Joining them will be special guest artists Rise Heart, Gabe Pineda, JC Herrero, and SouthWave Music Collectives.

Fans can expect a showcase of fresh musical talent and exciting new performances reflecting Dreamify's commitment to nurturing emerging Filipino artists. "Take Over (Onse: Onse)" also represents an opportunity for the Dreamify community to come together and celebrate the next generation of music stars.

Since starting 3 years ago, Dreamify has dedicated itself to supporting talented musicians across the Philippines. Over the past year, its "Road to Take Over" tour brought these inspiring acts to new cities and audiences. Now Dreamify is thrilled to present "Take Over (Onse: Onse)" as the culminating concert of this journey, right in the heart of Makati.

The November 11th show at Balcony Music House is co-presented by EART Guitars and BQEYZ Audio. It will exhibit the best of Filipino music talent. It promises to be a memorable night of entertainment and community, showcasing Dreamify's passion for elevating new artists.

Don't miss the excitement of "Take Over (Onse: Onse)"!

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