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Manila, Philippines

Dani barretto: Why a rookie mom in the new normal is a more creative and stronger mom

As much as parenting brings unparalleled joy, we still can’t dismiss the struggles and challenges that come with it. Becoming a new mom in this ‘new normal’ brings a different magnitude of the challenge.

In a podcast episode with Dani Barretto, she shared her journey as a rookie mom in a time of a global pandemic, and amidst the challenges, she described motherhood as surprising and beautiful. Here’s why:


Dani expressed that it has always been her dream to become a mom, and having Millie was definitely a dream come true. It has changed her life in many ways — leaving her life before behind, as she matures, and discovers new things about herself that she never thought she could do like cooking, being more organized, and running a household.

While the pandemic could ruin the way people experience the passage of time, Dani took this to her advantage and cherished every experience of Millie’s developmental milestones.


There’s a new range of challenges in parenting during a global pandemic as resources and activities become limited. But, that didn’t stop Dani from becoming a stronger and creative mom.

Dani makes every effort to give Millie the best childhood memories — from engaging her in various activities at home like swimming, exercising, providing her with educational shows and toys, to learning more about baking, and exposing her to art activities, as she prefers Millie to experience and learn these activities firsthand, rather than online.


While advancement in technology brings faster and easier access to information, it also impacts the way people socialize and interact with one another. In developing crucial social skills, people need real-world socialization. People learn best from experience, interaction, and communication.

Dani understands the value and downside of the digital world. She expressed how she doesn’t want Millie to have experiences of just the digital world and immersing Millie too much in digital practices might give her the idea that this digital world is the real world.

Not many realize that this ‘new normal’ is really for the new generation. And that the ‘new normal’ is the ‘new future’.

Dani sees that this responsibility as a parent is an extreme challenge. But, as she hopes for Millie to render great childhood stories from the real world, she strives and finds balance in her parenting style — conquering the challenges posed by the pandemic, as a strong and creative mom.

Click the link to her podcast to learn more from her journey as a new mom in the new normal.

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