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Manila, Philippines

Because and Skusta Clee’s “Pwede Bang Ayusin ‘To’ MV Hits Over 1 Million Views on YouTube

With Hip-Hop and Rap taking the full advantage of slating visual platforms, it’s no surprise that the latest music video of Because and Skusta Clee’s garnered over a million videos on YouTube. Their “Pwede Ba Nating Ayusin ‘To” MV was released on Because ’s channel last March 19, 2021 and the said song is from Because’s most recent album entitled “Heartbreak SZN 2” which was released last November 2020.

Directed by Andrei Antonio, “Pwede Ba Nating Ayusin ‘To” MV was set against a monochromatic background while Because trades R&B hooks and rap verses with Skusta.

According to the Director, the colors shown on the music video flaunts the artists’ expression of their mental state.

“The colors were the expression of their mental state. We want to emphasize the feeling of emptiness, loss, and the unknown through the colors. It is like being inside a cloud of questions with no answers.” stated by Andrei Antonio.

Their aesthetic music video also displays a meaningful connection and portrays the idea of being trapped inside our own heads.

“The concept is based on the idea of being trapped inside our own heads where we start to lose our sense of calmness and cloud our vision from the outside - we see and hear no one but ourselves. Their own reflections embody the whole idea.” he added.

On top of that, Director Andrei Antonio shared that this is not the first time working in a collaboration with Because and Skusta Clee that’s why it’s an advantage for him on how he will handle the shoot while having fun juggling ideas to serve on the table.

Even though it’s an urgent project and more challenging, Director Andrei eventually wrapped it successfully. “Aside from all these pandemic restrictions, as we only had two days to conceptualize and prepare with less manpower than usual, fortunately, we were able to pull it off in a safe playground.”

With the pandemic presenting a whole array of new challenges, Director Andrei expressed that we could still lighten up this situation that we have.

“When I think of escape, I think the best way to do this is through art. Especially, through music and entertainment. I believe I speak to most people when I say that music is my short escape from reality. It felt like it is bringing us to a different world where he new norm doesn't exist. Thus, we hope, that at least for 4 minutes, we can bring our listeners back to the pre-pandemic era.” he shared.

To date, “Pwede Nating Ayusin ‘To” MV is trending #8 on YouTube with 1,192,255 views.

About Because:

Pinoy rapper Because describes his music as trap soul, a sub-genre amalgam of rap, soul, and R&B. And at his young age, he has already made his mark in the Pinoy rap scene with a breakthrough song in “Marlboro Black.”

Because released his full-length debut album “Heartbreak SZN” last 2018 — a 13-track, chilled-out album that features this young rapper’s innate skills. This album includes the singles “Sandali,” fan-favorite “OTW,” naughty “Gilid,” and his 2017 breakthrough track “Marlboro Black.”

To date, Because released his recent album entitled “Heartbreak SZN 2” which was released last November 2020.


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