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Manila, Philippines

Angelito Self-Titled Album is a reflection Self Love, Mental Health and HIV Awareness

For his debut, self-titled album, released under O/C Records, singer-songwriter and producer Angelito takes a deep dive into the rich, multifaceted experiences of his own youth through the lens of bubblegum pop and slowly peel away at its complex layers, ranging from its dumb and funny moments to its more profound, sorrowful snippets.

His debut album is a statement of self-love and healing through music, after experiencing life challenges as he had to fight the effects of having HIV and also being diagnosed with severe depression during the pandemic, but music was his way of coping up and putting his life back in a perspective that he will clearly understand. Releasing a full album gave Angelito the feeling of getting his soul back during the time his spirit was burning. It reminded him of how he had overcome his journey and it’s a moment that he wanted to share with everyone.

The tracks in the album are Hello Manila, Orange, The World Is In Deep Shit RN, Bigger Picture, Wonderful, Mood, Kill ‘Em with Silence, Go!, Gasoline Perfume, Nocturnal, and The World in the Evening.

Angelito, his self-titled debut album, is now out on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other leading streaming platforms and takes a deep dive into his colorful, bubblegum world of his own youth.


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