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Manila, Philippines

Aly Remulla Goes Sentimental for the MV of her Song Isla

Singer-songwriter Aly Remulla goes on a huge, melancholic trip on the seas of grieving for the music video of her popular sentimental song Isla, which was released on the YouTube channel of O/C Records on January 23 at 6 PM.

The black and white, moody video, directed by Van Cipriano, depicts the ways on which people try to drown out their grief in any way they can, only to end up having themselves being drowned by the overwhelming longing and loss they suffer from, or in the case of this video, quite literally so, before they surface and try to live life with such loss.

The music video for Isla by Aly Remulla is now available on the O/C Records official YouTube channel to drown yourself out with all the feels or if your just looking to grieve for the ones you lost.

The song itself, with its sentimental yet calming take on grieving and loss, has now racked up more than half a million streams on Spotify as of writing this article and is definitely a good listen if you’re looking for something that can be there for you when you lost someone so dear to you.

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