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Manila, Philippines

Alternative rock band Crash makes their debut release with ‘Sa Susunod Na Lang’

Photo courtesy of O/C Records

Alternative rock band Crash dropped their debut single ‘Sa Susunod Na Lang’ after getting signed under O/C Records early this year.

Crash is composed of Samuel Ramos (lead vocalist and guitarist), Julian Avellana (bassist), and Ken Delos Santos (pianist). The ensemble was a product of a high school fellowship and flourished in 2020 during the pandemic when the group bonded over crafting demos independently.

Now signed under a record label, Crash showcases their debut track, Sa Susunod Na Lang — a pop-alternative rock song about second chances, rejection, and hope. A narrative piloted by how the power of love may or may not grant desires for a second chance in love.

“The inspiration behind the track came from the sudden feeling of overthinking about if one was ever enough for a person. The meaning behind the song is all about thoughts from the aftermath of rejection. Eventually, in the end, there is still a sense of hope from the person that there is still a chance,” Crash shares.

In an interview with the band, the artists shared what it means to finally release their debut single, how a single conversation inspired the record's narrative, how this track paved the way for them to determine their sound, and more.

TNH: How do you guys feel about your debut release under O/C Records?

Crash: We’re really just filled with joy since we have been talking about this moment since we were 14 years old in high school. It’s such a huge honor to be part of an incredible team with O/C Records and to be on the same label with dozens of talented musicians who share the same passions as we do.

TNH: Sa Susunod Na Lang talks about “thoughts from the aftermath of rejection”, what prompted you guys to share such story through your music?

Crash: Mainly, the idea of the song came from Samuel after a conversation he had with someone; then, he came to us with the song in mind that was meant to express the current situation that he was in and meant to express what he was feeling at the time being.

TNH: What do you aim to convey to your listeners through this track? What should listeners expect from Crash with this debut release?

Crash: That we need to express our thoughts at some point to find the answers we’re looking for. The song is something personal, and maybe in some way, people can get to relate to it through the lyrics or even from the mood of the song.

TNH: Talk us through your creative process for this track. Each member of the band carries their own artistic approach. How did you guys collaborate and integrate your individual approach to the overall structure of Sa Susunod Na Lang?

Crash: Samuel made the song in less than an hour and went straight to recording a demo for it as soon as he finished writing it. Then after a few days, he sent it to Julian and Ken to think of their parts for the song. It really was just a laid-back process. We were just having fun throughout the whole recording, trying to think of ways to create the sound that we wanted for the track.

TNH: In terms of the track’s sonic arrangement, what can you guys share about the process and your style to present this track as a mixture of pop and alternative rock?

Crash: The dynamic and the whole mood of the song were really based on the guitar parts of the song, from the intro guitar riff, starting soft and chill, to the outro of the song feeling grand with the same guitar riff. It's a pretty simple song, and the goal of it was to really just offer something new to every part of the song.

TNH: After producing Sa Susunod Na Lang, how do you think this track influenced your artistry, both as individual musicians and as a band?

Crash: It actually took us a while to find our sound and what type of music we wanted to make, and this song paved the way for what kind of music we want to put out in the future. Through the process of us finding what sound we should make, we got inspired by many other genres and artists, and it influenced both our creativity and individuality. But of course, our sound won’t be limited to our current influence, as we will still experiment with more sounds in the future.

Sa Susunod Na Lang (cover art)

After years of creating records independently, the three-piece band patently exhibits a zeal to introduce their music to the OPM scene and start building a path that would bring their artistic ideas to fruition. Sa Susunod Na Lang marks the beginning of the band’s quest to put forward what they can offer to their listeners.

You can now stream Sa Susunod Na Lang on all digital music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.


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