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Manila, Philippines

A love song that needs no words by Ken Tiongson

Most popular songs nowadays have stories conveyed by melodies and lyrics, but what if you didn’t need words to tell the song’s story? Solo artist, Ken Tiongson, masterfully answers this question in his very first single under MCA Music entitled, ‘Lovestruck’.

Unlike the songs most Filipino listeners are used to, neither vocals nor full-band instruments are heard in the track -- just the pure sound of heart-tugging emotions plucked on his guitar. Ken explains, “Lovestruck narrates the feeling of falling in love with someone who you just met.”

Whether a music lover or a casual listener, ‘Lovestruck’ is able to capture the ears of anyone and transport them into a setting akin to a K-drama scene complete with a gentle wind and falling leaves. The music can serve as a soundtrack to your life’s cheerful and carefree moments or an instant mood-booster for the day. Fitting perfectly into every chillout playlist whether for working or winding down for the day.

You may not have heard of Ken as a solo artist but this “shy guy” has played for some of your favorite OPM artists such as Callalily, Arthur Nery, and Dionela, Ken lovingly takes us to a different world with his guitar -- one where he’s the storyteller and his original music are his set pieces. Influenced by similar guitar instrumental artists, Tommy Emmanuel and Sungha Jung, Ken is ready to share his all original compositions instead of just covers.

He says, “I want others to know that my guitar storytelling is about the feeling of the song... Mostly of peace and relaxation. You can listen to them when you’re down, depressed, null, or even when you’re sleeping.” To him, composing and performing instrumental songs is his passion and wishes to share that happiness with his audiences for all to enjoy.

‘Lovestruck’ is out today, on all digital streaming platforms, under MCA Music Inc.

Listen to his love story here:

Watch him perform “Lovestruck” here:

For photos, please refer to this link:


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