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Manila, Philippines

Zack Tabudlo Unveils Nostalgic New Single “Ako Nalang Kasi”

Zack Tabudlo

Acclaimed OPM artist and singer-songwriter Zack Tabudlo is set to take listeners down memory lane with his new single, “Ako Nalang Kasi.” The song pays homage to Zack’s artistic beginnings with a sound that resonates with his roots. It invites fans to relive the nostalgia that marked his early career.

A Twist on Familiar Sounds

Zack Tabudlo

“Ako Nalang Kasi” reveals a heartfelt narrative of being a constant pillar of strength for someone throughout the roller coaster ride of life. Zack’s songwriting captures the sentiment of a person wanting a special someone to recognize the unwavering presence they provide and the steadfastness that has been extended to them over the years.

When asked about the inspiration behind “Ako Nalang Kasi,” Zack recalled his earlier songs and how meaningful they were to him and his career as an OPM artist. With this new song, Zack masterfully resurrects the nostalgic sound of his beginnings.

He added, “‘Ako Nalang Kasi’ brings back the “Nangangamba,” Binibini,” and “Yakap” kind of vibe I've done in the past but with a bit of a twist.”

Zack adds a unique new touch to this song with a fresh layer of depth by channeling what he learned over the years as a musician.

While Zack’s loyal fanbase remains at the core of his music, “Ako Nalang Kasi” attempts to capture the hearts of a diverse audience with its universal theme, drawing in listeners who appreciate genuine emotions and relatable stories.

“I want everyone to feel the old vibes and how I started everything.”

Crafting the Melody and Production

Zack Tabudlo

Zack revisited elements and production techniques from his early songs to create “Ako Nalang Kasi.” The result is a captivating track that exudes the essence of his root artistry. After exploring different sounds and genres throughout his career, this single marks a conscious decision to reconnect with his musical identity.

“‘Ako Nalang Kasi’ kind of felt like going back to my roots, after a bit of a change of styles throughout eras and all the different songs I've done, it felt like it was time to go back to my roots a bit.”

Zack Tabudlo

The creation process of “Ako Nalang Kasi” has been a profound experience for Zack, marked by an overwhelming feeling of reminiscence. It reminded him of the passion and creative spirit that initially fueled his songwriting and artistry.

“Ako Nalang Kasi” opens a window to Zack’s past and invites listeners to get on board with the nostalgia. It is a testament to his commitment to authenticity and dedication to crafting music that resonates deeply with people.

Listen to “Ako Nalang Kasi”—OUT NOW!

Watch the Official Lyric Video here:


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