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Manila, Philippines

Zack Tabudlo takes us to his loverboi era with the release of his latest single, “Pulso”

Manila, Philippines - January 12, 2024. Zack Tabudlo, the acclaimed singer, songwriter, and producer, invites us on his journey from “sadboi” to his “loverboi” era with the release of his latest single, Pulso. This song shows Zack as a young adult experiencing love while flexing his musical evolution.

Zack Tabudlo

Dedicated to his binibini, Pulso is Zack’s musical love letter to “the one that keeps me safe, calm, and loved.” This song speaks about the sense of serenity that a person experiences when one is in a secure and healthy relationship. Amidst the chaos of the world, even with just one look from a significant other, there is a profound sense of calm and trust where you don’t need to hold back or pretend. Here, the connection goes beyond infatuation. Accompanied by his impeccable musical arrangement, Zack Tabudlo also emphasizes that truly, in the eyes of your lover, you are beautiful, every second of every day.

True to Zack’s vulnerable storytelling, Pulso doesn’t just focus on the giddy feelings associated with love. In the second part of the song, Zack discusses the uncertainty of being loved back at the same level or intensity. Yet, telling someone how much you adore them is a form of love.

Zack Tabudlo

As the saying goes, we should all start our year right. This 2024, Zack is inspiring you to tell your partner through words and his song, Pulso, how their presence makes everything brighter. and how they make you feel more alive when you are together. As for the rest of the year, will this mean an end to his gutting sad love songs? Well, that is for all of us to find out.

Whether you are about to confess your love, looking for a marriage proposal song, searching for music to walk down the aisle to or you just want to express how enchanting your significant other is today, Pulso is a sure hit, not just in the charts, but most importantly, to your lover’s heart.

Listen to Pulso here

Watch the Official Lyric Video here


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