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Manila, Philippines

Zack Tabudlo sings about the pain of waiting for love

Photo courtesy of UMG Philippines Inc.

Singer and songwriter Zack Tabudlo, known for his hit songs “Binibini,” “Habang Buhay,” and “Give Me Your Forever,” releases his latest single under Island Records Philippines. The song, “Asan Ka Na Ba,” is his take on a particular romantic song trope: the pain of seeing people in love and wondering when it would be his turn. Zack wrote, produced, and recorded the song in his home studio. The single is now released on all music streaming platforms.

“Asan Ka Na Ba” is a sonic departure for Zack. He says that he had never worked on a song that is, in his words, “funky and vibey.” The song’s sonic palette draws upon songs from the ‘80s and ‘90s, and in particular disco, funk, R&B, and pop music from that era. In particular, he inserted sound elements reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s work and, inspired by Japanese disco music, created the song’s particular feel.

Zack has three reasons why you should listen to this song:

  1. It’s a groovy and danceable tune.

  2. It’s a low-key kind of musical style you haven’t heard from him before.

  3. It’s all fun and love.

This light and fun song is indeed what we need as summer sets in. We wait to hear what Zack has next for us because he says that everything he releases is a complete surprise. “Asan Ka Na Ba” is definitely no exception.

Zack Tabudlo began making music on his own in 2018 and two years later joined the Island Records Philippines family. He has released multiple singles and a full-length album, Episode (2021). Most recently, he released “Iba,” a duet with Moira de la Torre, and a new version of his massive Southeast Asian hit “Give Me Your Forever” with Thai singer Billkin.

Stream “Asan Ka Na Ba” on all music streaming platforms.


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