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Manila, Philippines

When does Pinoy pride become toxic?

It is conceivable how Filipinos manifest strong patriotism and nationalism, but we can’t conceal the truth that a latent act of hypocrisy attenuates the flag-waving deed.

In the second episode of Things-Hue-Vomit Season 2, aired last June 2nd, Mix and H talked about Toxic Pinoy Pride.


Filipinos are remarkable when it comes to supporting and taking pride in the success of our talents/artists. As they say, Filipinos are the best fans in the world — dominating the crowd with the craziest cheer across the globe, may it be in a digital or onsite setting.

But when does Pinoy pride become toxic? What is Toxic Pinoy Pride?

As H and Mix mentioned in the podcast, Toxic Pinoy Pride emerges when Filipino talents only get massive support when they start making a name in the international scene and are recognized globally. And tragically, when they begin to hit a roadblock along the journey, the support system drops with it.

Moreover, international talents, whether full-blooded Filipinos or with mixed ancestry, get more support and encouragement than the local artists who equally deserve support and recognition as they put out a vast array of work.


“There should be continuous support,” Mix stated.

Pinoy pride can only be honest and authentic when we commit to supporting their journey, even during a downfall. In fact, in times of tragedy, that’s where utmost encouragement is needed to bring them back up.

Filipino talents are patently creative and have striking characteristics that yield success not just in the music, sport, and pageant industry but also in various other kinds of businesses.

Taking pride in our culture includes expressing our support to those who are also starting or exploring a new path as they put out various work for us to consume. As Mix said, if we allow ourselves to get involved and be inspired by the talents of our local artists, we take one step to diminishing Toxic Pinoy Pride in our culture.

You can download and listen to the full Things-Hue-Vomit podcast episode on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and other digital streaming platforms to know more about Toxic Pinoy Pride.

Be part of the conversation. Correct one toxic trait at a time. Be a HUE in this society.


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