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Manila, Philippines

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What makes Kuwaderno: A Ben&Ben Online Concert "special"

Photo courtesy of Ben&Ben

Folk rock band Ben&Ben held their virtual press conference for their first major online concert last November 15, 2021 and during the virtual press conference the band repeatedly highlighted that “It’s going to be special”, they said.

Here are a couple of points why the upcoming Kuwaderno: A Ben&Ben Online Concert will be special:

  • Ben&Ben made sure that Liwanags (Ben&Ben’s fans) will feel as if they were with them in the venue.

“When we were writing how the concert is gonna be like, 'yung experience, we wanted to make that number one on our list. How can we make them feel as if they are there with us even if hindi pa pwede. I think that’s one of the special things to look out for sa concert” they said.
  • They will be joined by their friends that they collaborated with in the album.

“We will be joined by our friends. Kung sino exactly 'yung lalabas, abangan. But we are rehearsing with them as well.” they said.
  • They are working with distinguished people in producing their concert such as directors Paulo Valenciano and Maribel Legarda, the Philippine Theater Association (PETA), and lights director Shakira Villa-Symes.

  • The concert will feature artists in different art forms such as dancers and actors, hinting that the band may be involved in these acts.

  • As it is a self-produced concert, it is the biggest project that Ben&Ben have undertaken so far.

“We can’t deny the fact that it’s the biggest project we’ve undertaken so far, and I think you just somehow know that it’s a leap of faith when the streams of guidance and providence lead you to the right people who believe in the same vision you have: To bring the music and the messages they carry to life,” they said.

It is undeniable that Ben&Ben exerted a lot of their effort in producing a special online concert for their fans that will surely bring out a new and exciting never-before-seen side of the band that Liwanags should definitely watch out for.

The band also mentioned that further details regarding the concert will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

In the meanwhile, you may check out tickets to Kuwaderno: A Ben&Ben Online Concert via the KTX website.


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