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Manila, Philippines

What can you do with your Php 200?

A cup of coffee? A pod for your e-cig? A Spotify subscription?

But when gathered and used properly, it can be a life support. Michelle, Marco and Gita Gumabao, recently had a movement 'Your 200 pesos' on Instagram (@your200pesos)

and continues to support the community with whatever donation everyone can give.

Repurposing our resources, it allows us to be of help to those who are in need and heavily affected by this pandemic. Truly, this teaches us to be grateful each day that no matter how hard the times are, we still have a spare Php 200 with us.

Talk about long term value of investment, there's no better expense than helping someone else.

Continue the deed, Gumabaos! Stay safe!

You can support this cause by sending them a message via their Instagram account, @your200pesos


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