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Manila, Philippines

Underclass launches new EP album, "Fifty-Four"

Underclass is a pop-punk/alternative rock band giving you nostalgic tunes since 2016. The band was formed by Zach Alcasid (vocalist/rhythm guitarist) and Marcus Ambat (lead guitarist) who started performing together as a hobby back in junior high. But their passion made them push their music career when they decided to finally write their original songs. After several changes with its band members, Underclass’ lineup is now complete with their drummer, Americus Inofinada, and their bassist, Patricia Vendiola. Showcasing their love for pop-punk and alternative rock, Underclass is making its way in the local indie scene with songs about relationships, teenage angst, and being young and naive.

“Fifty-Four” EP

The launch of Underclass’ “Fifty-Four” EP album on April 15, 2021, is an important milestone for the 4-piece band. Underclass was supposed to release their very first EP last year, but due to the unseen circumstances brought about by the pandemic, the release had to be pushed back. But finally, after the long wait, Underclass is ready for their listeners and avid supporters to delve into the music of their hard work. “Fifty-Four” EP is now out on Spotify and iTunes.

The title of the EP, “Fifty-Four”, was picked by the band members because this is the house number of vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Zach Alcasid where a home studio is situated. This is where the band brainstorms, records, and produces their music—this is basically the heart of the Underclass band. Hence, it is only befitting to name their first EP album where their music is crafted.

Diving deeper into the EP

The “Fifty-Four” EP consists of four songs. The first one is entitled “You Tried To Please Me”, this song is about the struggles of being a people pleaser, whether it’s to the people you don’t know personally or may it be to the people you love. The second is “Accomplice”, which is about dealing with a toxic relationship. How your significant other is willing to pull you down just for the sake of you two staying together even when you are no longer happy with the relationship. Next is entitled “Two Drop Dead”, this song is about jealousy, when you already know they are hiding something from you yet just ignore it to avoid any deeper complications. And last but not the least, “Every Time I Say Good Night” is a song for all the cheaters out there. When you realize the things that you accused them of are actually right all along, you still end up feeling like a fool and consumed by misery.

Online EP Launch

Due to the restraints of the pandemic and the current situation of the local music scene, Underclass resorts to an Online EP Launch instead to celebrate this milestone with their family, friends, and their fans, Underclassmates. The Fifty-Four EP Launch was scheduled last April 15 and was cross live-streamed on Underclass and Zach Alcasid’s official Facebook page. Underclass was joined by other amazing local bands CHDNTR, FourPlay, and Pugfish.


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