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Manila, Philippines

Top rappers Because and Hev Abi unite in vibing collab track "MINAHALAGAD"

Because and Hev Abi

Manila, Philippines -- Two of Pinoy rap’s biggest stars, Because and Hev Abi, join forces to deliver an electrifying new track titled "MINAHALAGAD." Produced by NEXXFRIDAY, this slow-burner is an ear-tweaking and infectious rap track heavy on groove and sonic charisma.

Known for his chart-topping hits such as "Marlboro Black," "BMW," and "Sandali," Because is a stalwart figure in Pinoy rap since he exploded into the scene with his 2018 debut album “Heartbreak SZN.” Preceded by the breakout single “Marlboro Black,” Because carved out a niche for himself with his distinctive style and magnetic presence.  Meanwhile, Hev Abi is the current toast of Pinoy rap and is known for his string of breakout singles that includes "Walang Alam" and "Alam Mo Ba Girl” to name a few and has been racking up a sizeable audience since his debut in the rap scene in 2021 and the subsequent release of his independent album in 2022 (“Pautang Ng Pag-ibig”) and its 2022 and 2023 follow up “Sakred Boy” and “Kung Alam Mo Lang” respectively.

"MINAHALAGAD" marks the first-ever collaboration between these two top-tier rappers, setting the stage for an epic collaboration heavy on vibing beats provided by frequent Because-collaborator NEXXFRIDAY. Laid out with Because's seasoned lyricism and Hev Abi's fresh perspective, the track is a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of Pinoy rap. Here, Because and Hev Abi exchange bars that go from flowing to rhythmic coupled with a head-bobbing chorus.

For Because, "MINAHALAGAD" follows on the heels of his recent single "BNK," released earlier this year. Meanwhile, Hev Abi has been making waves with his string of hit singles, including "Burgis," a collaboration with fellow rapper Flow G.

Both rappers are expected to perform their song for the first time live in Hev Abi’s upcoming concert at the NFT on April 28.

Because and Hev Abi

With "MINAHALAGAD," Because and Hev Abi keeps their positions as frontrunners in the Philippine rap scene hot as well as taking rap collaborations up a notch with their playful yet bombastic approach to the genre.

Released midnight of April 24 by Viva Records, "MINAHALAGAD" is now available on all major streaming platforms.


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