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Top 5 valuable tips to survive your online classes

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We are now 100% sure that distance learning stays for the new school year. Some students have already adjusted to the "new mode of learning" set up but there are also others who are still struggling.

Aside from problems in internet and technology access, students are having a hard time keeping their pace on learning. If you are one of them, here are 5 valuable tips to help you!

1. Make a study plan.

Making a plan would help you set your goals with more efficient use of time. With a study plan, you can make a schedule to balance your time for the online class, personal time, family time, and other activities.

But what I consider the most beneficial in having a study plan is you get to make your deadlines. Of course, instructors ought to give the due dates for school works, however, it is best to make yourself your deadlines which should be ahead of the given due date. This will help you be more productive and finish or lessen your tasks immediately.

2. Take notes!

Taking down notes is not just for recalling the discussions but also is effective for an active engagement. It helps you pay attention and stay focus on your online class.

It is hard to keep listening when there are so many distractions, it might be the noise of your surroundings or your enchanting comfy bed. Taking notes advert your attention to what the instructor says and by that, you tend to try understanding the topic.

3. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

It is okay to not get everything on a discussion, but what's not okay is keeping it just like that. Studying means learning and you need to ask questions to learn. If you are having a hard time understanding don't be afraid to get help from your instructors. That's their job in the first place, guide their students.

Hence, you can try to connect with your classmates. You can ask them questions or better make an online group study to share each of your ideas in every discussion.

4. Take advantage of your resources.

An online class requires internet access, and you can take it as an advantage. With internet access, you can find credible information that may help you with your studies. Moreover, you can download productivity apps such as dictionaries, planners, file-sharing services, etc.

5. Don't forget to take breaks.

You are not a superhero with superpowers so don't forget to take a break. Do not skip meals and you can eat your favorite snacks during a class ( if the instructor allows it) to keep you awake. Take naps, don't force yourself to study if you are feeling drowsy. Stay hydrated! It is good to keep a bottle full of water beside your desk.

And of course, take time for yourself, watch your favorite series, do some of your hobbies, play with your pet (if you have one), or bond with your family. It is called self-care and you deserve it, so don't forget that you can take a break.


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