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Manila, Philippines

This Dream Pop Band From CDO, KRNA, just dropped their latest single - "I'M Wrong"

KRNA elevates Filipino music with passion and innovation. This dream pop band from Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines has tracks available online from their critically acclaimed 2018 EP debut, The River Gold (labelled under Cebu-based Melt Records), the band’s fan base has gradually increased ever since they formed during the local Musikagayan Festival in 2016.

Inspired by the Japanese term, “kire-ina”, which easily translates to beautiful, KRNA produces original songs, renditions, live performances and music videos that coincide with this meaning.

The River Gold is a milestone of their promising combined talents, receiving praise from The

Flying Lugaw review for their “breezy production choices, inspiring instrumentals, and powerful vocal performances.”

Recently, the band release their latest single "I'm Wrong" serving as the somber sister to our previous release, "Dream Again. The song delves into themes of uncertainty, self-doubt, and confronting harsh realities head-on.

Check them out on their socials and their songs on streaming platforms.


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