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Manila, Philippines

The Ten: The Bedrocks of Bored Punks of Society

Photo courtesy of Bored Punks of Society

As the Philippines climb the ranks of NFT ownerships among 20 countries, according to a recent report by Australian information service provider, Finder, it’s aptly to delve into one of the most prevailing NFT projects in the country — Bored Punks of Society — and recognize what makes the collection salient in the marketplace today.

Inspired by two of the leading NFT projects globally, Bored Apes Yacht Club and Crptopunks, Bored Punks of Society merged the stamp of the two aforenamed projects to effectively build their own Filipino NFT brand that speaks of being “iconic, pioneering, and at the same time onboarders for the future.”

To commence, here’s what we know about the bedrocks of the pioneering Filipino NFT collection:

1. Vision-Oriented

Established in August 2021 as a “pioneering Filipino NFT movement” serving the community with a social movement focusing on educating investors and spectators on the fundamentals in the digital world such as the metaverse, web 3.0, cryptocurrencies, financial literacy, and more, through the production of digital assets, Bored Punks of Society, since inception, has created their notable vision of social awareness for the people and the industry.

Kicked off as a hobby that later turned out to be a passion project by a crew of digital and crypto enthusiasts, Bored Punks of Society ventured into educating and building a thriving community clued to crypto and financial literacy.

“[Bored Punks fo Society] aimed to teach Axie Infinity [non-fungible token-based online gaming] scholars and applicants the beauty of cryptocurrencies, its innovations, and its opportunities more than just play-to-earn gaming. The initiative aims to build a community that will serve as a player's foundation and stepping stone into exploring a bigger world of crypto and investing,” says jockygelo, Bored Punks of Society Lead Director

He added, “Despite crypto being mainstream due to the demand brought by play-to-earn gaming such as Axie Infinity, people are not really aware and know enough about the technology behind those games and the world of crypto and investing they are currently in: the risk and opportunities that brings with it. That’s why, as a group that talks about crypto for fun, we decided to teach those scholars and new to the crypto scene in the community about crypto, NFTs, and the game they are playing. The community grew together with the name of Bored Punks, being known as a group of crypto enthusiasts educating and onboarding people in the space. We decided to bring this goal in our new collection with the goal to make our movement bigger and represent the Filipino NFT scene.”

Today, Bored Punks of Society is set to be a world-class NFT brand representing the country as a catalyst for a digitally and socially aware nation.

2. Valuable Utilities

With the project’s growing community, Bored Punks of Society highlights three main categories of invaluable utilities that holders can get from the collectibles: benefits, connections, and prestige.

For the benefits, holders can get discounts from over 150 brand partners and affiliates, including Hilton Manila, Hyatt Regency Manila, Anytime Fitness, Samgyupsalamat, ZeeFreaks Tribe, and more varying rewards. For the connections, BPOS holders are presented with a wide array of network connections of crypto enthusiasts, professionals, investors, corporate executives, licensed financial investors, and more. And lastly, for the prestige, BPOS holders are ken to be of status and prestige both inside and outside the Philippine NFT scene.

All these utilities are offered to each BPOS holder owning at least one BPOS NFT where verification can be processed through the instructions presented at their discord server.

3. Legitimacy

The aforementioned valuable utilities being offered to every BPOS holder mostly speak for the project’s legitimacy. In addition, details about the project, including its origins, creative team, roadmap, and more, are available for screening on their official website and other social media accounts. Most importantly, they have well-built brand recognition with an active and credible history of increasing value.

Photo courtesy of Bored Punks of Society

4. Strong Community

BPOS has built a reputable, solid community ranging from various notable holders, including Harrison Barnes, Gabby Dizon, Erwan Heusaff, and more. With over 20k members on their discord server and 15k followers on Twitter, where NFT projects are deemed to build a solid community, BPOS has verified its mark. Furthermore, the community is actively engaging in the various programs anchored to the project's vision, such as podcasts, twitter spaces, and more.

5. Signature Collectibles

BPOS collectibles remain true to their roots and vision: they represent a pioneering community dedicated to educating, investing, and thriving in the digital era. Their signature collectibles exhibit such goals as each collectible showcases the art of pop culture, memes, and iconic art movement — fitting for the evolving era as they present a “metaverse-ready” stature.

“Our goal is to make it iconic and easily recognizable. Something that can easily represent the holder and at the same time the country we are representing.”
Photo courtesy of Bored Punks of Society

6. Solid Creative Team

Starting as a clique of crypto-enthusiasts aiming to pass on their accumulated knowledge of the fundamentals needed for the evolving digital era, BPOS has established a solid creative team holding a preeminent collective goal. The league behind Bored Punks of Society comprises creatives from varying fields, including digital media, arts and communications, marketing, finance, and more.

Included in the collective team are jockygelo (lead director), SnoopScoops (marketing director), Jasbo (innovations director), !Ye (development director), Melon Babe (creative director), Gladz (community moderators head), Zef (community development head), Ritchie (community engagement head), Enigmatic (finance head), Gabz (research and development), marksenpai (education head), Lyka (resource and promotions), Myc300 (marketing and promotions), Betbet (campaign manager), Ravi (social media manager), Raizza (lead graphic/creative artist). Internals and moderators include Bluezy, Zanek, Markx, Peyxx, Rico, Kid, Kenneth, Faetal, Nookey, Zabs, Zhez, Cojo.

Photo courtesy of Bored Punks of Society

7. Established X-Factor

With varying types of NFTs available on the market today — from artworks, music, virtual land, photography, and more, Bored Punks of Society has established their distinctiveness in the scene — a movement of integrating the value of their digital asset in today’s society into the future of the digital era.

“BPOS educates and innovates. We pioneer how NFTs will be taken to the next level, more than just giving value inside the NFT space but also to the real world. What better way to spread the movement to curious individuals but by getting the brand out there in the physical through our membership cards and other initiatives such as being the first NFT that is part of a music video by a well-known group,” Bored Punks of Society shares as they talk about what separates their movement from other projects in the market.

8. Operating In An Innovative Blockchain

Bored Punks of Society operates on top of an Ethereum network and a scalability platform enabling organizations as such to perform in a decentralized payment scheme. BPOS deployed its digital assets to the Polygon Network, where transactions are of high frequency and low value and do not need any form of intermediaries. In January 2022, the project was awarded a Top NFT Collection in the Polygon Network, making it the first Filipino-based NFT collection that sold over 1,000 collectibles.

Photo courtesy of Bored Punks of Society

9. Gravitating Advancements

As the evolution of advancements in the digital era continues to expedite at a fast pace, Bored Punks of Society has committed to gravitating their movement to the demands of time. The group reckons that NFT projects today are still “early and in the experimentation stage.” With that in mind, BPOS devotes time to “evolve with it.”

“We are experimenting with them and are always ready to innovate with the rest of the builders.”

10. Unparalleled Influence

As one of the country's leading and pioneering NFT projects, Bored Punks of Society manifested its allegiance to the developing community. Through various programs and subprojects, BPOS has enlightened a broad range of scholars and holders about the power and beauty of crypto and NFTs. Ultimately, it has raised the consciousness of the value of their movement: educate and onboard people.

If you want to know more about the pioneering Filipino NFT brand in the metaverse, you can join the growing community here:

Official Website:


Twitter: @boredpunksoc

Facebook: Bored Punks of Society

Instagram: @boredpunksoc

Spotify: The Bored Punks Podcast


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