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Manila, Philippines

The Ten: Innovative Businesses You Shouldn’t Miss Out

A burning idea that is relentlessly nurtured — come out on top.

When the pandemic took over the world, meager access to capital and revenue shackled the advancement of enterprises. While most economies run into a decrease in the production of fresh business ideas, circumstances did not thwart impassioned entrepreneurs from tenaciously getting a grip on fostering their blazing scheme.

Here, we present a snapshot of the top start-up enterprises in the realm embodying a remarkable strive to deliver pristine and notable products and services for everyone to revel in.

Photo courtesy of Wenurturio's Facebook page
1. Wenurturio

A Filipino knowledge-sharing platform supporting the Philippine government’s initiative approach to developing the ICT, eCommerce, and financial inclusion in the nation. This enterprise offers actionable business training through video-on-demand crash courses for aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs who aim to gain and expand knowledge on marketing, eCommerce, and freelancing. Integrating the value of providing high-quality, affordable, and actionable education, Wenurturio has partnered up with various technology brands and pre-vetted experts such as Omnirio PH, Apper PH, KickSaasCopy, Big Boat Digital, and Uprival to provide consumers a quality alternative solution to turn business dreams into reality — for as low as Php 349.

Photo courtesy of Dormy PH's Facebook page
2. Dormy PH

A real estate service provider and first college living management platform that presents an avenue for students to ease their hunt for properties, look for roommates, connect with landlords, manage their homes, and learn more about the varying strands of home care. The enterprise is crafted to simplify student housing and become the top source of information for property mapping, market insights, real estate transactions, and homecare education. Established in March 2022, travel restrictions caused by the pandemic, lack of information, tedious home-hunting process, and poor online presence of student housing providers sparked Dormy PH to make all housing accommodations and transactions easier by adopting tech solutions for the student housing market.

Photo courtesy of PetBox Online's Facebook page

3. PetBox

An e-commerce pet store and the first-ever application-based pet store in the country that provides each pet parent a more streamlined process of acquiring pet products at reasonable rates through innovative technology. This enterprise strives to become the go-to pet store in the country, where cheap and quality products and services are provided through their PetBox application. The software presents an assortment of name-brand products that are deemed to be significantly lower than other e-commerce applications and local markets. Their online store offers a pathway for pet parents to acquire products in the comfort of their own homes — a one-stop-shop for all the pet parents out there.

Photo courtesy of Gigacover's Facebook page

4. Gigacover

A technology platform working in partnership with insurers and banks to curate, develop, and deploy tailored and flexible benefits for the formal and informal workforce. Gigacover is the first-ever benefits-focused insurtech in Southeast Asia. This enterprise builds inclusive safety nets for all Filipinos by providing its members with personalized, cost-transparent, and flexible insurance — ranging from quality service and products for all types of workers and employees. Their service includes an online Flexi platform, advisory/consultation/program design, and whole team account support, among others. Gigacover’s product offers to include outpatient medical programs, income protection insurance, and parcel coverage. For all informal workers, Gigacover has designed a flexible and affordable coverage of life/accident protection and prolonged medical leave. This startup business exhibits a lower/control premium cost for employee benefits, a wide range of benefits that employees can choose from, a more superficial renewal and hassle-free administration work, and more.

Photo courtesy of MedHyve's Facebook page

5. MedHyve

An innovative marketplace making medical procurement easy. Established in 2017, this startup business has driven innovation in the medical industry. The company operates through an online platform showcasing intelligent tools and dashboards to provide healthcare institutions with data-powered procurement expertise. MedHyve offers a purchasing service that makes acquiring medical supplies cheaper and more accessible for hospitals, highlighting those institutions in the country's rural areas. This enterprise improves the efficiencies by lowering the cost to buyers a providing quality and valuable AI-led insights to all sellers. Through their crafted digitalized marketplace, MedHyve offers authentic and high-quality medical products from credible suppliers -- their product ranges from varying machines and equipment: protective supplies, medical consumables, and more.

Photo courtesy of Marawi IT Solutions' website

6. Marawi IT Solutions

A local IT institution providing consulting and business solutions to expensive and inefficient institutional processes through affordable, relevant, and industry-standard IT solutions to various institutions. This enterprise is developed by a collective of industry-experienced IT professionals from the Islamic City of Marawi. The organization comprises a team from the Muslim minority tribe in the southern Philippines — belonging to the Bangsamoro class. Through their services, this enterprise transforms institutions by helping them achieve their full potential. Marawi IT Solutions caters to the educational, health, and retail organization — fostering a consultancy service that provides systematic and industry approach innovations; a cloud application that offers the development and housing of organization applications; and an enterprise that helps innovate business processes through the use of IT. Marawi IT Solutions offers consultation, installation of In-house products, and installation of open-source systems. Their product offers include SeeApp Ranao — an online vaccination registration portal offering a vaccination booking schedules and vaccination data verification to Lanao del Sur residents; SeeApp — a monitoring application crafted in partnership with ITSMarawi’s Corporate Social Responsibility CSR initiatives and MSU-CIT's extension services that provides aid in adequately addressing the need for contract tracing; Karatas — an online document ticketing system that helps university alumni acquire a hassle-free, systematic, and efficient way of requesting authentic documents; Kandori — an online restaurant portal service that helps appropriately address the need for new normal restaurant searching and ordering needs; and ILMO — an interschool management system for public and private schools in Marawi City and BARMM region. in Marawi City and BARMM region.

Photo courtesy of iBoard Living's Facebook page

7. iBoard Living

An online property management tool and the country's first all-in-one tenant and rental property management platform. This startup business was established in 2020 by a collective aiming to create opportunities for everyone to experience an easy, reliable, affordable, and collaborative self-managed online rental property management platform — providing all-in-one access to a better rental living journey. iBoard Living offers a digital do-it-yourself property platform that caters to renters, property owners, and service providers. This enterprise’s end-to-end service provider fosters a user-friendly program for all types of tenants and landlords — untangling their complex processes of finding, marketing, and maintaining a smooth accommodation. The company reshapes the home rental experience by empowering and providing convenience to all renters and partners through their management tool and a one-stop-shop management tool presenting various approaches to renting, managing, and serving. Among their offered services are iRent -- where consumers can browse through hundreds of house listings, find the perfect apartment in any location, close the contract virtually, and more; iManage -- where consumers can run their real estate rental business anytime, anywhere, as the service includes automated property inventory, finding target customers online, and creating timely invoices and rent payments; lastly, this enterprise offers iServe — where consumers can market their maintenance skills and services to a broader audience online by advertising their maintenance company or freelance services, improve the online visibility of their brand, and enter a bigger market to offer their services.

Photo courtesy of MSmart Learning's Facebook page

8. MSmart Learning

Makarius Smart Learning is an integrated learning system crafted to bring change to how education is operated in the Philippines — adapting to new learning trends to obtain students' interests to study again. The enterprise aims to build an effective learning platform by analyzing the needs of the students and devising a learning management system for them — all by utilizing the advantage and advancement of technology to adapt to students’ diversity, differences, and lifestyles. MSmart Learning develops software that caters to review centers and educational institutions. The business enterprise produces mobile applications and other highly recommended tech tools. They offer services such as web development, branding, promotions, management, blended learning platform, and content delivery network — motivated by their drive to promote excellence, quality education, and competitive culture. MSmart Learning does not bring students to learning; instead, they get learning to them.

Photo courtesy of Venatus Gaming Process Outsourcing's website

9. Venatus Gaming Process Outsourcing

A global ad-tech platform in gaming and entertainment. This gaming enterprise is geared towards providing job opportunities to gamers out there by enabling them to earn profit through their skills and talents. Venatus helps brands reach their most engaged audiences across all devices by building innovative custom creative campaigns and helping brands and agencies categorize their software tools to deliver their advertising efforts to the right target audience. Their work includes winning campaigns such as Radox & Rovio, CBBC Buzz App, #KnifeFree, Four Kids And It, Pokémon, and Every Mind Matters. The company has the world’s first programmatic marketplace for entertainment and is working with credible entertainment sites and apps — amassing over 1.4 billion monthly video impressions and over 250 core exclusive websites globally.

Photo courtesy of AniTech's website

10. Anihan Technologies

A B2B AgriTech startup leveraging deep tech to develop supply chain solutions for the reduction of food loss in Asia. This social enterprise specializes in providing agri-businesses a storage and food quality systems and platforms where fresh fruits and vegetable distributors can maximize their resources by sustaining optimal storage conditions of the products. Anihan Technologies aims to help maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables and achieve flexible food systems that can survive in varying conditions by providing growers and distributors hardware and software sensor systems and platforms that can present fast and actionable data that will monitor storage quality and spoilage rate. Among their offered products and services include a storage quality sensor system — a 4-in-1 sensor used by urban farmers in their greenhouses and distributors in their warehouses; a food quality sensor system — a sensor-in-a-box that ables to detect pesticides and spoilage rate; storage quality and food loss dashboards — where operators can visualize operations; and automated notifications and reports — where actionable data are received through automated messages via SMS and weekly summary reports. By using this enterprise's deep tech sensor systems and platform, growers and distributors can reduce food loss by up to 5%.

If you want to know more about these top local start-up enterprises, you can visit their website and social media accounts by clicking the links provided below:

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