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Manila, Philippines

The Ciprianos just did it - 'Sulyap' out now

Chyna Ortaleza Cipriano posted on her Instagram account this photo with the caption:

"Huwag mag-alala ako ay nandito na.

5 years love. I told you in the kitchen today that by far these have been the most eventful years of my life.

No matter how difficult the jump, thank you for pushing me off the cliff. You always find a way to hold my hand through it anyway.

And even if you forget to hang your towels & tie up the plastic of our sliced bread know that I am commited to keep on reminding you to do so!

Thank you for shattering all traditional gender roles in our marriage. I honor you fully in all aspects. You are a great Mom/Dad, Best Friend, Critic, Co-Executive, Partner & Lover.

Now let’s plant & build further.

Mahal kita!@kean

Mahal ka namin Panginoon. Salamat sa pag bubuklod sa aming dalawa."

Hearing the couple's song 'Sulyap' out now on Spotify makes you want to drive out on the freeway with your special someone. With it's changing tempo like how life is right now, it reminds you of how mentally draining life can be but you only need one soul to calm you down. No matter how heavy or easy the path may be, all that matters is that you are assured that you are never alone.

And that happens just in one look.


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