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Manila, Philippines

The art of writing is never dead with love - Unfair love tours us back to memory lane

Nostalgic vibes with a perspective of experience.

The story brings us back to our very own college days where all we ever think about is how to survive the daily grind. Sounds like the same as how the corporate life has been but with a taste of daily "Pancit Canton" to make it more teen years.

A bunch of misfits like how we all are during those days, Jules and the gang takes us to a rollercoaster of emotions that some might feel addicted to. The highs and lows of love when all scenarios are pretty much still possible, the never ending "what ifs", up to the cheesy and heart breaking lines that once played in our minds whenever we feel like coming into a conclusion.

The author who started writing just this quarantine made her time worthwhile and for her readers as well. Seeing the silver lining in this pandemic to hold on to golden memories of the good old days, Unfair Love taps to the questions some of us might have kept in our minds and hearts until now.

While you enjoy the journey and reading, the author accompanies the experience with a playlist on Spotify that you can listen to here. A totally different moment to listen to songs of the past with a pinch of aches and priceless joy.

As we continue to wait on how the next chapters unfold, we continue to ask these questions: When love becomes unfair, would you still fight for it? What if being in this situation allows you to be 'you'? Is it still unfair?

You can start and enjoy it here. Tell your friends about it.


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