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Manila, Philippines

Tenth Circle drops and climbs to number 1

John Odin & Razor Cult just released their EP, Tenth Circle on BeatPort and is already making waves climbing the top of the charts. Before its release, we had a chance to sit down and talk with John and Mikhail to discuss about what to expect with Tenth Circle, managing and adapting to the trend and working on different timezones. Here is the interview:

What can we expect in this new drop?

M : This release is a very inspired one for us. We took influence from some of our favorite art, and tied everything together by a concept that inspires us both. The release illustrates the evolution of our sound and aesthetic. It is dark, atmospheric and cinematic.

J : Something to be expected with this EP release is something darker, macabre. By feeding off dystopian and religious concepts we were able to set the tone for the 3 songs released in this EP

How do you manage and adapt to the trend of the market with the music you create?

M : I’d say we merged our knack for cutting edge sound production technology such as granular, wavetable and modular with a good sensibility of modern techno aesthetic on this one.

J : Definitely trying to couple on to the trend of today's Techno sound. Of course there is a deeper scale and layer to all music but in order to present it to a younger audience, tons of adjustments had to made in terms of design and elements selection

How was it working on a track while on both ends of the globe?

M : It wasn’t too difficult with the availability of video communication mediums and having gotten acquainted to using these over the pandemic. We may not have been as inclined had we not been using all the online tools over lockdown. We also had a lot of pent up energy over this so it was nice way to put this into some artwork.

J : It was pretty easy to get in touch transferring data back and forth working on the tracks. The ONLY issue I guess was the time zone. Because we're on both ends, it was a tad challenging to get us both awake at the right time to work on this amazing project. But nevertheless, technology and availability of reliable apps and internet speed definitely helped with this EP

You can stream Tenth Circle by John Odin and Razor Cult on Beatport here and Spotify here.


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