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Manila, Philippines

Stephan Clive Retells the Real, Human Tragedy Brought by Typhoon Yolanda with his Debut Song Welcome

For his debut release under O/C Records, Samar based singer-songwriter and busker Stephan Clive retells the greater natural and the real, human tragedy brought upon by the deadly super typhoon Yolanda to his hometown back in 2013 with Welcome to my Paradise, released on April 12, 2021 on leading digital platforms for streaming.

The song combines elements of Reggae, RnB, Funk, and Jazz to produce a hard hitting, straight to the point track that is explicit and unafraid to tell the real tragedy behind the devastation - of the powerful people who chose to place their interests above everyone else when their help and action was needed the most - the unwelcome guests of his paradise. Its effective use of its hooks make for an infectiously catchy track that shamelessly delivers its powerful message and practically sears it with your mind while you bop along with it.

The track is an original composition by Stephan Clive, with him also involved with its arrangement and its recording alongside Jarius Oloquina, who also produced, mixed, and mastered the final track under the production house Black Paws. The band Beta Yawa contributed greatly to the song’s production with Jarius Oloquina playing the keys and the guitar, Jericho Rpxas on the bass guitar, Renzo Triguero on the drums, and Jenny Andaya providing the backup vocals.

Welcome to my Paradise by Stephan Clive is now out on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other leading streaming platforms and listen to the real tragedy behind the massive calamity that was Typhoon Yolanda.


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