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Manila, Philippines

Skoop Taking The Streets To Your Rooms in these Weird Times

Our closets were left untouched for more than a year keeping us wondering what our clothes are for certain scenarios. With this new collection by Skoop, a local streetwear brand in the Philippines, Weird Times simply slides in our list of day-to-day must have. You need to check out their site here for the popping colors of this collection.

Coming straight from them, "Skoop is the result of our reimagined perspective on how we live our lives. Our desire for growth and independence has changed from being rebels with a cause, to moving toward our goals, and making our own mark. We draw motivation from other people's grit, passions, and artistry. Skoop is our way of giving back to those who inspire us, by in return, empowering them."

The creative juices from this team transcends the border of our limitations putting in the positivity in their merchandise with loud joyful tints and hues. This nine-piece collection from shirts to hoodies that state reminders to us of "Better days" to "Keep Going" is a piece of peace during this not so ordinary time we are in now. The "Coffee or Else" is basically most of us caffeine lovers wearing a clear post-it for everyone.

Hannah Ichiko wearing the "Better Days Hoodie"

As seen wearing in their social media pages, DJs Patty Tiu Thompson, Hannah Ichiko and HOEST just to name some are rocking the "Weird Times" collection whether in the street or in their homes while still continuing their creative hustles.

Patty Tiu Thompson wearing the "Coffee or else" shirt

HOEST wearing the "Keep Going" shirt

You can check out Skoop and cop this hell of a bunch at their website here and you can use our promo code "SKOOPTHENEWHUE" for your 30% OFF.


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