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Manila, Philippines

Sitti Back to her Roots with 'Buti Na Lang Hindi Ikaw'

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

There's a lot of emotions during a heartbreak. Everything was told in this another classic hit from the soul who gave us 'Para Sa Atin', 'Wag Mo Na Munang Sabihin', 'Sinong Mag-aakala' and the rest of the majority of your songs inside your Bossa Nova playlist.

'Buti Na Lang Hindi Ikaw' is Sitti's latest contribution to the rising OPM scene. Published and distributed by Widescope Entertainment headed by executive producer Vic de Vera and producer Neil Gregorio who actually is behind Sitti's double platinum debut album 'Cafe Bossa' and more.

The song pretty much tackles how bittersweet this phase of our lives can be. The rollercoaster of emotions it can offer. The drop of disappointments that can make or break a person to the core. And the rise to moving on and finally knowing the purpose of what took place. Sitti placed each word of what most of us can't say to the exact bossa mood we all fell in love. She is helping us to leap with her tunes like telling us that either we can drown ourselves from these devastating events in our lives or we can just open the window and enjoy the wind on our faces while we cruise down the road, face uncertainty and get excited again on what life still has to offer.

As much as we want life to be ideal, it's not. It's messy. We change. Either we grow together or apart. The person we are with right now will be right for the moment. Right for all the reasons we need to have our end game. The line 'Buti Na Lang Hindi Ikaw' is such a line that defines us being grateful of the downfalls that because of that, we are stronger and we are directed to where we should be.

You can stream now this song by Sitti on Spotify and all other streaming platforms.

Photo courtesy of Sitti.


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