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Manila, Philippines

SB19’s Josh Cullen forges own path with the release of new single, “Get Right”

The upbeat track is helmed by Josh Cullen himself with additional production by

frequent collaborator Ocho the Bullet and UK-based indie sensation No Rome

Josh Cullen

P-Pop superstar Josh Cullen reclaims creative independence on his own terms with the release of his new single “Get Right” via Sony Music Entertainment.

The electro-pop banger finds the SB19 rapper and vocalist embracing his music journey while navigating the challenges of making a dent in a highly competitive industry as a solo act.

Josh explains, “Basically, it’s a declaration of my return, confidently showcasing my understanding of the game. The lyrics reflect my resilience, self-assurance, and the realization of how the industry operates. It's about asserting my presence, owning my space, and creating music that resonates with who I am as an artist.”

Written and produced by Josh Cullen himself with frequent collaborator Ocho the Bullet and UK-based indie icon No Rome, the upbeat track marks a significant departure from the vibe and songwriting style of his previous releases. Integrating EDM, hip-hop, and hyper-pop influences with a bass-heavy production, “Get Right” explores music for the sheer joy of reinvention and fun while tapping into a new sonic space that fits Josh’s personal style and brand.

“I was pretty much the brains and director of the process, but my cousin ‘Ocho’ really elevated things, surpassing my expectations,” the fast-rising producer and singer-songwriter explains. “I might've pushed him a bit hard with my specific vision, which got a bit stressful. However, he went all out on this insane drop we'd been dreaming of. And you know what? The outcome exceeded all my expectations.”

Josh adds, “Also, No Rome, who was a co-producer, brought some crazy energy to the mix too. His input added this insane energy to the whole process. He really brought some fire to the table.”

Josh Cullen

The release of the song comes with visuals developed by Josh himself. The music video features Josh and friends hanging out in Los Angeles, enjoying the warm climate and the laid-back, cosmopolitan lifestyle usually associated with the city.

“I just went with the flow and let my creativity run wild during those times,” said Josh. “I wanted to bring the visuals I've had in mind since we started making the song to life, and LA turned out to be the perfect spot for it. Yet, truthfully, YouMeUs and my team in LA exceeded all expectations. Despite being only three people in LA, their effort and discipline were monumental. They managed to make it look like a full-blown production with their dedication, imagination, improvisation, and hard work.”

Josh Cullen’s “Get Right” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.  The music video is also available on Josh Cullen’s official YouTube page.


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