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Manila, Philippines

Sabihin Mo Na Digital Concert With Zack Tabudlo

Photo courtesy of UMG Philippines

Zack Tabudlo songs have always been about different forms of love and how it affects the world around us.

This season let us say our messages of love to one another with a feast of good vibes and an enchanting night of good music as Zack serenades us with his hit songs from the album: Episode and more, performed for the first time ever in an intimate setting with a full band.

What more to compliment this grand statement of affection than with your own messages

shown on screen or better yet read aloud to you by Zack during the song that matters

most to you and your loved one. For a small fee you already get to convey what you want to say and help people in need. All proceeds from these messages are going to the Philippine Red Cross on behalf of your generosity. Visit for more details.

Let us rejoice in a night of love in all its forms as you join us to an intimate and personal FREE digital concert on the YouTube and Facebook of Zack; because whatever love story you have, Zack has a song for you.

Photo courtesy UMG Philippines

‘Sabihin Mo Na’ would like to thank our official broadband partner PLDT Home Fibr, our sponsor Tinder, and special thanks to Kumu.

The show will livestream for FREE at 7:00 PM (GMT+8) on March 5, 2022 on the YouTube and Facebook pages of Zack Tabudlo.

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