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Manila, Philippines

Ready for DENȲ: Making a Bold Entrance in Filipino R&B

Manila, Philippines -- With her soulful R&B sound and heartfelt lyrics, DENȲ is quickly making waves as an up-and-coming artist in the Philippine music industry. With influences from her musical upbringing and her dedication to stay raw and true for her craft, her rise from WAYBETTR is nothing short of extraordinary. What sets her apart and solidifies her position as a rising talent to watch and support is her genuine connection with her fans on a deep level, distinguishing her in the ever-expanding music industry.

From a young age, DENȲ was exposed to the world of music through her father, who was a composer and singer. This early exposure laid the foundation for her love with the art form. As she recalls, "I've been doing music since I was a kid, 'cause my dad was also a composer and a singer. So I was heavily influenced by that."

Initially focused on pop and ballad music, DENȲ began to explore R&B and found her love for it after a jamming session with a friend, igniting a newfound passion within her. She explains, "I was also influenced by my friend, I was his guitarist before. And I was mainly focused on pop and ballad, 'cause I used to do contests. But ever since that experience of being able to play R&B music with my friends, it sparked my interest even more.”

“I wasn’t even writing music yet, but I thought to myself that if I were ever to create music, I want it to sound like this. I want it to be R&B. And so that’s what I’m doing now,” she shares.

DENȲ draws inspiration from various sources when it comes to her songwriting process. While some of her lyrics stem from her personal experiences, others are influenced by movies, books, and the individuals in her life. Reflecting on her creative process, she explains, "It’s different with every song that I write. Some are from my own experiences, some are from movies I watch, from stories I read, and some are from the people around me, like what I observe in my everyday life. Every song I ever wrote, it’s not only about me, it’s also about the people that I love, what they love— a collective being of what we love.”

DENȲ's music resonates with her Filipino fans because of its authenticity. Her songwriting reflects on the highs and lows of everyday life without the rose-colored glasses, no romanticization or any idealized views. Speaking about her music's resonance with her audience, DENȲ says, "I'd say they relate to it the most 'cause it is just real. It's what we experience every day. And there's no sugarcoating— if it's bad, it's bad. If it's good, it's good. And usually, it's a combination of both. You always learn something good in the bad, you know?”

Looking ahead, DENȲ has exciting plans for the coming year. She is currently in the process of creating her second album, which promises to showcase her growth as an artist. While the release date is yet to be confirmed, DENȲ shares, "I would like to share that I am currently making a second album, although I don't know if that's gonna be released this year, but I am working towards that." Besides this, DENȲ has also dropped hints of exciting collaborations for the upcoming months with other talented artists along with featured tracks in the works, giving her fans something to look out for.

For aspiring musicians who hope to follow in DENȲ's footsteps, she offers a valuable piece of advice: find your own sound. She emphasizes, "To any musician, I always say this, it's my number one advice. It's to find your own sound. Because all of us as artists, we have interests and our inspirations, but at the same time, we also have to find art that people, and us ourselves, can say we own— something distinct, something that only comes from us."

With her current and upcoming projects, DENȲ's unwavering dedication to her craft positions her as a powerful influence in shaping the future of Filipino music and R&B. Her music is sure to leave a lasting impact on listeners as she continues on her music journey.


Creative Collective | Artist @itsdenyph | Fashion/Creative Direction by @Mxycouleur | Photography by @jobcorpuz and @iamv1n | Interview/Cover story by @luminassance | Videography by @zneps | BTS by @whatnowmargot | Produced/Art Direction by @thenewhueph | Location @astburyph | Special thanks to @waybettr and Viva



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